Young composers, looking to compose music for your projects!

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    (SoundCloud example music, I can't embed the player for some reason)

    My brother and I, Julian "Wynn" Smith, Alexander "Hill" Smith, are 18 year old home schooled composers, looking to get into the musical college, "Juilliard School of Music".
    We live in Florida, USA.

    We are young, But we still look for work to compose for, and it doesn't hurt to contact companies at a young age, as well as later on.

    Any project will do, we are very prolific, and eclectic, with dedication to our work.

    We have a website showcasing productions and solo work.

    We have composed on many internet games, and videos that are in the works, but I feel that we can move on to something even bigger.

    Just send a message to our e-mail and we'll eagerly get back to you.

    To see portfolio, check the website tab "Portfolio".

    Here's our e-mail.

    Our primary way to chat is Skype, but MSN and Yahoo messenger are very good if you prefer those.

    Look up "composerkuandohan" and the name will come out as "TheTwins Hill & Wynn"

    Keep pursuing your dreams! ~ Hill & Wynn
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