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Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by D0MINIK, Mar 3, 2010.

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    I don't know.

    In one hand, i'm interested in this game and i always see the updates posted here. Although i'm not interested enough to follow it from the site. It is also a kind of game which is not made frequently by indies (mods and TCs do not count, we're not indiedb here :p) and to me is a very welcome change from all the facebook/flash/iphone/casual stuff i see here.

    In the other hand, while D0MINIK said that he's considering the feedback posted here, i can't see anything (from the posted material) that got influenced by that feedback. So the feedback posted here was (from what i've seen so far) useless for shaping the game (i'm not saying it was bad feedback, i'm saying that since it had no effect on the game it would be the same as if the feedback didn't exist) and therefore this thread has no other purpose than being an update channel - something which, as sad it might be for some (ok, for me, i would like to follow people's updated but i'm not interested enough to follow 129389412 sites :p), it doesn't belong here.

    Personally i would suggest to hold off updates here until you have something new to show. And if this "new" is something playable, that would be even better :).
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    I was a bit harsh with my previous comment, but as Bad Sector pointed out, you post in the feedback section yet dismiss all feedback made, or post things that don't call for any kind of feedback (ie your last post, which is purely informative...)

    I suppose a devlog section on indiegamer would be better for this kind of content.
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    What I get from your replies is that you feel we do not take the feedback at all. Which is a point of view we didn't expect for example.

    We already decided to make no more short stories about our characters, this decision was directly based up on feedback from this forum. Additionally, in the very beginning, we began to brighten our so far existing screenshots, and we increased the global brightness of the game as all screenies were too dark. We've been told here.

    Allow me to additionally explain: We are writing any feedback down on paper, and we discuss many points, but we do not direclty implement all of them. Why? Because if we tried to implement all the suggestions into the game that we get immediately, we would probably get lost in trying (I have already made this experience with a previous SG-Atlantis-Fangame, it died from too many changes at once, all progress went down).

    Our next step will be to finish the basic layout of level 5 (which is defined as a milestone in the progress), and then, when we've done that, we are going to make a cut and have a definite feedback implementation phase. On our list are (based up on feedback from this forum): Review of the monotone lighting, Polishing up the blocky environments + more feedback from other sites.


    This isn't meant as an excuse for many/some not implemented feedback points, I believe our current way of development is a good one, this is only an explanation. Which was also meant to be a message of our article - we know there are some points to work on, we've been told about these and we will do that. However, there are a few points we do not have on the radar (such as the stock characters), because we are simply happy with them in our game.

    I will obey to stop posting until the beta phase begins, but I wish to make clear that all feedback posted here is very helpful for us, and no post was rudely overlooked.

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