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    Name: Tony Cooper
    Qualifications/Skills: Four self-published books, one published comic, games dialogue writing, 3DMax, JIRA, PerForce, Unity3D (including basic C# programming)
    Experience: 16 years games industry experience in QA and Level Design, 4 years experience as self-published author
    Direct Link: Please contact me on the email below for direct link to portfolio
    Contact Info: tonycooperauthor@gmail.com



    My name is Anthony Cooper and I have worked in the games industry for 16 years (https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tonycooper3).

    I have:

    - 5 years experience in level design across Unity, 3DMax, and custom game engines (racing games, first person shooters, top-down ARPG)
    - 7 years experience as a QA team leader (all genres, PC and all major consoles of the time)
    - 4 years experience as a self-published author and freelance writer for games

    I am looking for PAID remote work involving any or all of my skills, and can start immediately.

    Please contact me for more information, and a link to my portfolio.

    All the best, Tony.

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