would people be intrested in engine middleware?

Discussion in 'Game Development (Technical)' started by supagu, Jun 22, 2007.

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    I took a look at your website but didn`t see anything that could compete with commercial engines at all. All I could see was some ugly textured ship and scene with visibility distance similar to Magic Carpet 1 - but that was state of the art in 1995. It`s year 2007 already.

    1. You need to provide us with proof that your engine can handle huge streaming terrains (with streaming being spreaded through many frames). The terrain should have some reasonable view distance (at least 5 km), with some atmospheric scattering and few methods of vegetation rendering. The texturing on terrain shouldn`t be uglier than it is in Oblivion - but that shouldn`t be hard, as Oblivion has extremely primitive terrain texturing method.

    2. Iinterior rendering - How are those going to be represented and lighted ? How will you handle multiple lights efficiently ? What about fallback shaders to PS 1.4 ?

    3. Character rendering - how many compression methods does your engine support ? Is is skeletal or keyframe ? How does it handle animation blending ? Is it possible to switch animation processing between GPU and CPU, based on current load of either CPU or GPU ? Is it able to dynamically scale the processing of character animation - i.e. not spend each frame in the processing routine, but instead skip some defined set of frames - this is necessary if you have about 50-100 characters on screen, but with naive approach, the CPU would be halted with animation processing of each character each rendering frame.

    4. Tools / editors / importers / conversion utils - how stable and fool-proof are your tools for editing game environment ?

    I too am developing my own engine over the course of several years, but so far, you haven`t shown anything meaningful that your engine actually does so that I would bother switching to it.

    Free advice: If you want to showcase your engine and manage to implement at least first 3 renderers (terrain,interior,character), you have to pay for a AAA skilled artists, otherwise, no matter what features your engine has, it`ll look amateurish. To be more specific - as for terrain - something between Far Cry and Crysis, as for interior - Doom3 level will be acceptable, and as for characters - one character in quality of Gears Of War - e.g. as in following screenshot : http://games.tiscali.cz/clanek/screen_detail.asp?id=9145&img=bhgf.jpg

    Only then we can start talking about compatibility testing and the price.

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