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    Hey everyone!

    I am excited to announce a new development platform by the end of this month.

    World of Hello's critical goal is to promote collaborative development and creativity in younger generations, as well as to organizations who help the homeless and inmates who want to contribute to society.

    Hello is a real-time development tool not only used for games, but also for business applications and tools. It includes a variety of advantages over other development tools such as:
    1. Networking: It comes with several networking tools, allowing you to build MMO's, multiplayer games, networking systems, or social-media/chat-like applications in as little as one line of code.
    2. Collaboration: You are able to give your friends server permissions, and code together in real-time. Not just a repository, but actually code something and others will see it happen.
    3. Updates: Store files in the server, and any changes get automatically updated on user devices, including mobile devices.
    4. Code on your phone: Simply open your app, and start coding your game on your mobile device. Changes made on your phone are also automatically updated on all other devices.
    5. Code objects and elements in real-time as well. Changes to code in 3D objects or 2D elements also update for all users, so you can develop without requiring people to restart the app or getting a new version.
    6. Server: Create backend servers to handle clients and information. Catch server events to process them yourself.
    7. Packaging: Package your app as a standalone service without setting up a development environment. World of Hello will build your application for you, and give you the output .exe or .apk so you can create releases even on your phone.
    8. Source: Although World of Hello is not open source, all of the components (such as the in-app editor, file upload system, server file management, etc.) was built using the in-app editor, and they are all open-source. You can choose to include global source files (like a game touchpad) or to not include global source files pre-included in apps (like an online-user list or in-app editor). This means you can design your own in-app editor if you don't like mine.
    These are all development tools I wish that I had several years ago, allowing development to be super easy while doing very advanced concepts.

    World of Hello is free to use, and entirely free to create anything.

    * A real-time collaborative GUI maker application built in World of Hello. It took me less than 7 minutes to create a more basic GUI maker on YouTube at (unlinked so the video doesn't pop up on here).

    * A very basic test application showing real-time file uploads between devices.

    * A 3D MMO built with World of Hello including full player customizations and items like skiis. You don't even have to worry about adding new assets to your folder and making people get a new update for new 3D heads, gloves, shoes, etc. They get updated in real-time.

    Overall, I'm most excited about releasing real collaborative development, rather than working on separate parts of development through a repository. Hello uses Lua, but I will be adding support for mixed-scripting, such as Python, soon.

    Check out the website for more information:

    If you'd like to help me make World of Hello even better, simply comment one or more answer to these questions:
    1. What do you look for when choosing a development engine?
    2. What's the hardest thing you've have to do to create a game or software?
      a. How can I make it easier for you?
    3. What do you hate most about coding?
    4. What do you love most about coding?
    5. Do you have any support requests? (I.E we have 3D and 2D support, networking support, multi-touch event support, etc).
    6. Any questions I can answer?
    Thanks for your support!

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