Word Play Deluxe is released!

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    I'm pleased to announce the release of Word Play Deluxe for Windows, Mac, and Linux!


    Word Play Deluxe may look elementary, but don't be fooled - you'll have to think quickly and play skillfully to master this game! It's easy to play - just link letters together in a chain to form words. The challenge depends on which of the 4 game modes you decide to play: each mode is unique. Find hidden words in Regular mode, beat the clock in Action mode, guess secret phrases in Puzzle mode, or plan your words carefully in Strategy mode. If you enjoy word searches, you'll love this game!

    Word Play Deluxe features:

    * Four different word search games in one! There are 2 timed modes and 2 untimed modes, each with their own unique challenges, so there's something for everyone!
    * Three skill levels to accommodate players of all ages!
    * Longer words that yield big combo bonuses!
    * Bonus words that yield huge bonus points!
    * Family-friendly dictionary!
    * Can be used to both teach and increase vocabulary!
    * In-game instructions to get you started!

    You can download a free demo of the game from:

    The full version is available for only $9.99 USD.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This was the second game I ever finished and sold (back in 2004). It was originally written with DirectX, but I've now ported it to the same cross-platform engine that all of my other games use, which means I'm able to make it available on Mac and Linux for the first time. And it runs better on newer versions of Windows too. I also updated all of the graphics, added some new features, and hired Jesse Hopkins to revamp the sound effects (he's the guy who has done the sounds and music for all of my other games). So it looks and plays better than ever!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the game!

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