Wolfshark CC is looking for modelists, programmers, and a few others.

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  1. Wolfshark

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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Looking for modelists, programmers for a Fantasy battle/hunting game.


    I am here looking for some people to create a small start-up indie game group. So far the team only consists of myself as an artist, concept designer, writer, and game designer (Story, ideas, ETC) I have a complete GDD for it as well. And I am fully open to suggestions as we build a game.

    I am looking for a team to create a single player game where you start off as a mere farm boy/gal who decides to go on an adventure to the mainland. Once getting there the game would involve a catching plot for story mode and revolve around exploring the lands, slaying creatures, learning secrets, forge armor and weapons, and finally become a full fledged hero.

    So the game will be about:

    Fighting Creatures
    Collecting resources from fallen creatures and other sources. (to create armor, potions, collect essence)
    Fighting strategy, there is no levels just skill as you are pitted against Creature AI.
    Obtain/sign up for missions to advance in rank, get items, money, and other goodies.
    Essence can basically be used to give you elemental affiliations to giving you special elemental attacks.
    (Edit) and some limited PVP or Co op in some areas.

    So with that down I don't think that this game is too complicated, I intend to simple down and limit some stuff to get this project finished. In other words I'm easing it down to sort of your average RPg workings.

    I 'may' offer money later, specifically if we start a kickstarter (and it succeeds)/ Or Indie gogo to at least get something, or from game sales. But all of this would depend on whether the game gets finished or not. (or at least in a beta/playable stage) And we would split the leftover funds once the game has been completed

    For the most part this is an experimental project, to show off our game skills and just practice. (And have some fun of course) Whatever work you do for me you can feel free to add to your portfolios with proper credit where due. Or preferably if we complete a game you will have a lot more to show.

    So what am I looking for
    (Note: You must be prepared to work as a team along with others. To complete this game we require teamwork.)

    A programmer(s) with knowledge of using the Unity engine. And who can program a game like the one stated above.
    A modeler (Specifically for creating creatures, people, weapons, and armor.)
    A music composer

    So what is our first goal

    Create a working prototype that the entire team can play and test out. With a working demo/prototype we can start building a good kickstarter/indie gogo to raise some funds to make up for our work and prepare this game for steam (preferably) or something similar. Also the funds would be used to buy environments and other models from Turbo squid. Since spending 60$ bucks or so can get a very nice looking forest with trees and everything included, so for a bit of cash we can get the models to spruce up the game.
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  2. Orbital

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    Jul 20, 2014
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    Sounds promising, best of luck to you. I would apply but I'm no character artist, I only do environment art.
  3. drvLock

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    Aug 6, 2014
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    I'm an electronic music producer. I'd gladly help you guys out. you can listen to some samples on the links in my sig.
  4. OSTReloaded

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    Sep 11, 2014
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    I am a music composer and I would love to work with you on this game!

    You can listen to some of my originals and previous works here - soundcloud.com/captain_reloadz

    You can also contact me here if you want to know anything in particular - OSTReloaded@gmail.com

    Thanks and good luck with your game!

    --Ryan (OSTReloaded)
  5. Wolfshark

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    Sep 16, 2014
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    I could use an extra Environmental Artist, Since I'm mostly working on the creature/armor/and world design. Got a portfolio I'd love to add an extra artist.

    I like what I hear, I will keep you in mind once the need for some music is needed. Most likely for the boss battles since some of the themes are meant to be dark.

    I like it 83. I could use some of your kills to make some of the music for the game as well.

    So Far that leaves me in search for a Modeler and a Programmer (Maybe more than one to get work done faster) I have most of the creature designs and could help out with the texturing if needed along with how the game play and world works.

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