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    Hey there,

    First I want to point out that this is my first post - I have read all rules and hope that this is an appropriate Format.

    Our Team consists of 5 ambitious Gamedesign students from austria.
    We are developing a game called Survival of the fittest.
    If you are interested about our progress you can find our newest visual assets here: http://sofgame.deviantart.com/
    As the name suggests it is a competitive Survival game.
    The minimum System requirements are not yet set as we are still in our concept phase but we are building a (PC/MacOs) Desktop game.

    We hope to get feedback about our High Concept Document which you will find below.


    Working Title: Survival of the fittest

    Lukas Maly: Programmer, Animator, Rigger, Hard Surface Modelling
    Samuel Hackl: Character design, Concept Art, Sculpting (ZBrush)
    Laurids Kern: Enviroment, UV Mapping, Concept
    Lorenz Wilhelm: Concept Art, Character Design, Sculpting
    (and me) Raphael Wartanian: Team Management, UI & UX, Sound

    Choose one of the 8 unique characters. Each character has different skills, abilities and look which define your playing style and your experience.
    Find the perfect weapon for you. There are many different weapons, some of them stronger, some weaker.
    4 different sectors of the arena. Each of them creates a different setting. Those sectors will be closed one by one after some time. If you are still standing in a closed sector you will die instantly.
    3 costumes of power. Gain advantage against your rivals by finding parts of the 3 magical costumes. Each of them give your different buffs.
    Thirst. During your time in the arena you will get thirsty, so you will have to go to a well to drink some water. There aren't many wells so there is a big chance that you will find another player there.
    Great level design.
    Player Motivation: player can battle his friends for a showdown of the best survivor

    Genre: Multiplayer FPS (but mostly melee)

    Target costumer: Casual & Competetive gamers

    Competetion: Minecraft hunger games mod, DayZ - Battle royal mod

    USP: Survive in a beautiful great arena, divided into 4 unique sectors, each with a different magnificent feeling. Choose your favorite character and be the last one who survives. But be careful, there is no coming back to life. Once dead, always dead.

    Alternative USP: You find yourself in an arena of death, with only one possibility to escape; be the last one who survives. There many ways to achieve this goal. Depending on which character you choose, you can go on a hunt for the other players, set up traps or just concentrate on surviving and waiting for the others to die.

    Target System: Win, MacOs

    Design goals: Nice, funny looking, comic style graphics Humor - the player should laugh the whole time. To achieve this we use comic looking characters with extreme proportions, ridiculous skills, crazy costumes funny effects, humorous sound effects and a lot more. Addictive gameplay experience - we want players to have fun playing our game and to play it with their friends all the time. We want to achieve this by making te game easy to learn but also with a lot of options to make your own strategy


    If you read all this we want to thank you for taking your time.
    Please don't hesitate to leave a comment.

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