Why I'm Not Looking Forward To Doom 3

Discussion in 'Indie Related Chat' started by Larry Hastings, Aug 1, 2004.

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  1. grimreaper

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    Jul 27, 2004
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    Look, you're just a troll.

    Yes, your opinion is worthless. It's worthless because it has nil supporting evidence. If Doom1/2 were as game-play challenged as you say they are then why did they catapult an obscure Texan company to the best developers in the world?

    Yes, according to your standards, Doom3 has nil gameplay. But who cares about your standards when they are so very flawed.

    The Doom3 steam roller will roll only if the game is good. Marketing millions is useless if the game sucks. But looking at ID's track record - what is the chance of that happening?

    This is getting beyod pathetic. Ever heard of google? If you did you would quickly find out that all of Doom3's lighting is dynamic - i.e. no precalculated lighting, no lightmaps. Thus for each light, at least 2/3 passes have to be made depending on the hardware - passes for the stencil shadows, per-pixel lighting, specular and normal maps. All those passes consume lots of fill-rate.
    How do you expect us to respect your opinion if you have not taken the time to think them through - your post was an exercise in intellectual masturbation filled with prejudice.

    Next time, please engage your brain + google before opening your mouth.

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  2. Dan MacDonald

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    Jul 26, 2004
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    Ohh.. you guys make me tired.

    Doom 3 looks pretty spooky, the people at ID are perfectionists and they are good at what they do. Not everyone will appreciate the experience they produce but I think everyone would do better to actually experience it before drawing conclusions from screenshots and hear-say. If someone actually plays the game and want's to comment on it after it's release, feel free to post a new thread. Until then...<click>
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