Which games should you try for this Halloween?

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    Halloween Celebration is everywhere now on the Apple Store and Google Play. You might be confused of choosing a funny game for this special holiday of the year. Here I have a list of the top games of Halloween Celebration 2018. Let’s take a look and have fun to enjoy them!

    Pokémon GO

    Known as one of the most fantastic game in 2016 when you can see people were holding a smartphone on hands and moving around everywhere to catch Pokémon. Pokémon GO is back in this Halloween Celebration with Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokémon from Sinnoh region joining in. And one more special things is Double Candy until the first day of November.

    These two type of Pokémon are only available during the Halloween Celebration. And a set of Halloween themed Goodies for Pokémon GO are also ready for you in Style shop.

    Hole Runner

    A very new game is released for this Halloween Celebration. I’m sure you must be surprised of its characters. The horror themes and ghosts clothes make the game become fit with this holiday. You will find the Halloween party in Hole Runner with the pumpkins, the ghosts and the horror run from time and zombies.

    In Hole Runner, there are three modes. You can choose to play as an offline game and single player, or challenge yourself with the race and interesting missions. You can challenge your friends as well by choosing multiplayer mode. Earn coins or using credit card to clothing for your characters and make it become unique. Hole Runner now is only available in The United State and New Zealand for iOS only.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Enjoy the Halloween Festivities in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with the event rewards. The same with Hole Runner and other games in this time, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has horror theme with interesting items for Halloween.

    Let’s start the Halloween hunt to collect to new rewards with hexed bat balloons, jack-o’-lanterns and jumb-o’-lantern. This festivities are available in the holiday and Christmas. So just take your time to explore the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

    Wish you all have a wonderful holiday with Halloween Celebration of the games!
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    Well, it may be long past Halloween, but there is a game I played this year on that day - Fran Bow.

    Frank Bow is not a typical indie horror game where you're running from a random ghost or a monster. It's a game about fighting demons that you can only see and you alone can stop them. They were made out of you, moulded by your tears, fears, your weaknesses, grief and pain and there is little hope for your future.

    If you've liked this depressing, gruesome, frightening, yet at the same time, aesthetically pleasing game, you might be interested in some of these as well!

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