[WANTED] Gameplay Programmer for a ARPG Platformer

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    We are an indie studio, we are doing a project for a 2d platformer game and need someone to give us a hand with the programming

    Our Project takes the games we love such as Harvest Moon, Pokemon and Mario Bros to create a new experience for the players. Grow your farm, find cute pets and discover the story behind the quests in order to unlock new scenarios. Join us now in this epic adventure!

    Our current team is composed by :

    1 Manager

    1 Programmer

    1 Game Designer

    1 Character Artist

    1 Writer

    1 Level designer

    We already have a main programmer we are looking for someone willing to work with him to speed the development process. The requirements for the position consist on:

    1 year experience in unity and C# and being able to have frequent communication with the team as you progress.

    Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer a payment post but the idea is to receive a future payment as revenue share.

    If you are interested please contact us


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