Versh: Hardcore Shmup (Android)

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    Versh is a mobile vertical shoot'em up with some rogue-lite elements in it, which has procedurally generated wave of enemies and perk options.


    With procedurally generated enemy waves and randomise perk system, this game offers you infinite amount of combination which make the run is not gonna be the same every time. every wave has it's own difficulty and various way to overcome. level memorisation cannot be applied on this game (except for the boss pattern).


    Versh has various mechanic to tackle every obstacle thrown by the developer such as shield and bomb attack. Shield can be use to defend your plane from bullet attack. bomb attack can be use to clear up the entire screen. However, each ability come with it's own disadvantages such as, you can't move when you activate the shield also you'll need to charge up both the shield and bomb attack after you use it.

    moreover, enemies will drop the "perk gem" every time you destroy them and you need to choose whether you want to take those gems or just drop them because you're concerned for your own safety.


    there are 15 perk options available for you to choose. You'll be given three options of different perks, that will upgrade your plane, at the end of the level. These perks can be bought and synergised with one another for example you can make a powerful missile upgrade if you take the rapid missile and damage buff for the missile.

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