[Unity] Looking For Team To Develop Horror Game

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    Apr 28, 2016
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    Forgotten Light

    - Setting -
    The game takes place in an underground / underwater system of caves and caverns as well as man-made structures created during a mining project to find resources. Something goes wrong and the miners are trapped under the surface and forgotten about. Twenty years pass and a curious journalist looking for a story finds himself looking for something to write about, an abandoned structure of sorts. He reads about a nearby mining project that went wrong in the past and is immediately infatuated with it. He rushes to find the caved in entrance to the cavern that was supposedly abandoned and forgotten about. Moving towards the entrance, he steps on some lose ground and falls through the ground near the entrance to the cavern and blacks out from the impact. He wakes up and hears some ominous sounds coming from deeper within the cave, he sets out to find out what it was. Along the way, he finds the decaying corpse of a once was miner in the middle of the path, torn apart from the chest down to his waist. Being locked away in the cave for so long, the miners went insane and resulted to cannibalism to stay alive. With seemingly no way out, the protagonist must find a way to once again reach the surface and breathe in fresh air once more.

    - What We Need -

    + A programmer,
    who knows basic C+ for use with Unreal Engine or Blueprint, Unreal's visual scripting engine.

    +A level designer,
    who can design the caves and possibly the assets they need, if not I'm sure we can find some.

    +An asset designer,
    to design assets if/when needed.

    +Concept Artist,
    who can create simple concept art of scenery and characters to go off of.

    +A dedicated team,
    I will put as much of my time into this project as possible if the same can be contributed from you guys.

    - What We Have -
    +Sound Engineer
    +Graphic Artist

    - TL;DR -

    Making a horror game and need a team to spook some people out.

    If you are interested, please, feel free to contact me with the given resources. Thank you!

    Skype ~ tmitchell121
    Discord ~ https://discord.gg/0yhO0hB1Oa734K3R
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    I'm a brazilian music composer and I think my style suit your needs. Most of my work is done with dark images/horror in mind, so I think I'd be a good addition to the team.

    I have influences from many metal bands, also Akira Yamaoka (of Silent Hill series), Nine Inch Nails, Boards of Canada and writers such as HP Lovecraft, Allan Poe and others.

    Here's my portfolio:


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