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    Hello, dear gamers and developers!​

    Shoot'em Up 2D Starter Kit is an endless shooter game template, which is constructed using best practices of gaining popularity top down genre.
    You are able to create different characters with different range/melee weapons, different speed, health parameters and so on, which will bring you to your own unique gameplay.
    Package comes with complete menu, ingame menu, ingame currency, character and map selectors, gift manager and volume manager (on/off).
    We hope you will be the one who’ll bring the world a new masterpiece.





    Check it on:

    Asset Store
    Google Play


    Player fights his way through endless auto-generated map, shooting enemies and blowing up obstacles. Player is able to select different characters with different range/melee weapons (shotgun, minigun, flamethrower, mines, chainsaw, etc.), speed and health. You can create as many different characters, as you want, and use them as a playable character or as an enemy. Map is arranged with different explosible barriers (cars, oil barrels and so on)


    Keyboard control:
    W/A/S/D – to move
    Arrows – to shoot
    Touch input control:
    Put one finger to a left button on a screen and move it to move fighter.
    Put second finger on a right button on a screen and move it to make character shoot.


    - Great tool for both beginners and pros
    - Shoot/melee on any 360 degree direction
    - Create as many different characters, as you want
    - Create as many different barriers, as you want
    - Create as many different game environments, as you want
    - Customize level editor to archive your own level of game complexity
    - Auto-generated map
    - Сonstant support and assistance in the development process
    - Pixel perfection
    - PC/Mobile ready
    - C# scripts are fully explained.
    - Menu, in-game menu, puase/play, score, gift manager, audio on/off, character and map selection.

    Have fun!

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