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    Hi Developers,

    my new dialogue system for Unity has just been approved by the Asset Store.


    Here is a short synopsis of what it is:


    Dialogical was created to be best-in-class, lightweight, intuitive, extensible, applicable to any kind of project - dialogue management solution for your game. Modern looking, polished and fast, this extension was just what you need if your game features complex branching dialogue between characters. From a visual novel to a complex RPG, we got you covered.

    It wasn’t designed to create the GUI for you, but to allow you to integrate it with any kind of GUI solution out there. It also wasn’t designed to provide any kind of visual coding support, but to allow your code to plug in at the right places. This is in line with the general philosophy of extensibility and adaptability, and thus allows you to use any kind of complex logic or variable type. This dialogue system is totally abstracted from the UI implementation and your variables and logic - it just feeds data through events.

    + Intuitive Node System: quick, slick and polished.
    + Nodes have their text, audio, a set of responses and series of events that call your code in a specific way.
    + Native Multilanguage Support (no automatic translation).
    + “Choice Node” that lets your code (or random choice) decide which node should go next.
    + Unique “Minimap“ node view for maximum convenience with large number of nodes.
    + Ability to hide options (your runtime code decides).
    + Specially designed Event System that allows you to not only call events on Dialogue steps, but call unique node-specific events for every option on every node. Those events allow you to do these things from your code side:

    - Access and set any type of variable, and not just base types.
    - Create any kind of logic, and later act on that logic with a Choice Node.
    - Not clutter the canvas with visual scripting or variables management.
    - Integrate Dialogical with any kind of Inventory and Quest System.
    + Ability to display your variables in dialogue text or options.
    + Timed Events to allow Automatic choosing of a certain option at a certain time.
    + Ability to go back in dialogue; multiple nodes can to lead to the same node.
    + Provided working Examples with detailed comments of:

    - Implementation of Old Unity GUI
    * Basic Scene: how it all works.
    * Basic Scene with events: where and how to call events.
    * Basic Scene Multilanguage
    * Choice Node Example
    * Portrait Switching Example for dialogue with multiple NPCs
    * Example showing Parameters from code.
    * Example with timed option auto-choice.
    * Example with choosing a random node with random delay (e.g. for ambient sounds).
    - Implementation with New Unity GUI
    * Basic Example.
    + Saves to Scriptable Object format, which is a standard “Unity way” and allows editing even in Play mode. Small asset footprint.
    + Automatic node resize for maximum visibility.
    + Dialogue Tree validation.
    + Unity Rich text support.
    + Automatic and manual Saving.
    + Works with all platforms, and both Unity Personal and Professional.
    + Full Source. Code is tidy and well commented (C#).
    + A detailed and comprehensive manual/tutorial.

    How is it different and unique:
    - You can do anything you could do in any other kind of dialogue system, and more.
    - Native Multi-language interface (no auto translations).
    - Minimap view for super-quick navigation with large number of nodes.
    - Performs well.
    - Event based, and not variable based system your code plugs into. No visual scripting or variable management on the canvas. All logic is in your methods that plug in specific places.
    - GUI is provided only as examples. It is meant to plug into your unique GUI and not cookie-cutter anything. Examples with legacy GUI and New Unity GUI, and it would be possible to integrate it with any kind of GUI.


    If you have any questions or issues, email me at dialogical[dot]help{at}ennoble-studios.com

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