[Unity Asset] Intevion Vehicle Controller v2.0.0 released

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    WebGL Demo | Manual

    The Intevion Vehicle Controller is a lightweight vehicle controller with a convenient API. It is based on the Wheel Collider and suitable for action games. The second version of the Intevion Vehicle Controller has been completely re-worked, many aspects of the controller have been improved and vehicle behaviour became more realistic.

    With Intevion Vehicle Controller you can build different kinds of vehicles with any number of axles and wheels, and with different drivetrains types: Rear-Wheel Drive, Front-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive. Also the controller allows to configure any number of wheels on a single axle.

    The Intevion Vehicle Controller controls only the vehicle behaviour. All other things, like visual effects, sound effects, camera behaviour, lies outside the responsibility of the controller. This allows you to choose any other assets for these purposes which you want or which more suitable for your task. You can implement own components too. In demo scene are shown several examples which you can examine (skid-marks controller, engine SFX controller and camera controller). With Intevion Vehicle Controller you also can choose any input system to implement player input, or you can attach any AI to control the vehicle.

    The Intevion Vehicle Controller also provides:
    • Three type of transmission: Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual.
    • Adjustable center of mass.
    • Auto-calculation of the steering geometry. You can configure any number of steering axles.
    • Anti-roll bar that prevents the vehicle from roll over.
    • Simple anti-lock brake system (ABS).
    • The downforce on every axle separately. Increasing of the downforce increase the grip with road.
    • Convenient API to control the vehicle.
    You can get the Intevion Vehicle Controller asset in Unity Asset Store.

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