UDK Uscript Code Warrior needed for hardcore FPS IndieGame; CP:I

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    Hello coders,

    To get our game into Beta stage and complete it, we are in need of additional coders.


    - Few years experience programming in a OOP language, e.g. C, C++ or Java
    - Have basic replication and states knowledge
    - Previous experience working with server/client-side technology

    - Experience in writing Unrealscript for UDK
    - Knowledge of AS2/AS3 and scaleform will be highly advantageous

    About Critical Point

    Critical Point: Incursion is an Indie Game, made by volunteers from all over the world working non-paid. The game is currently in Alpha-Stage and Greenlit by the Steam-Community.

    CP:I is a die-Hard FPS. To experience what that means you have to play it. But we try to give you a short explanation.

    It's an infantry only Tactical Shooter. An important factor: Automatic weapons do less damage compared to other shooters + the movement is faster, as we try to recreate that arcade feeling. This makes you able to rush without getting instantly killed all the time, keeping the game moving and flowing.

    Up to 3 weapons !

    You are able to carry up to 3 weapons simultaneously. A pistol/revolver, a shotgun or SMG and a rifle (Assault Rifle, Semi-Auto Rifle or Sniper Rifle).

    Only 1 grenade!

    You can carry only 1 grenade at any time. A HE-Grenade, a Flashbang or a Smoke Grenade. It simply doesn't suit our game to carry more, as we also try to limit the nade spamming issues as seen in other games.

    Dedicated servers and anti-cheat

    The game will run on dedicated servers, as well as locally on a LAN.
    Of course there will be anti-cheat. No good game without cheat protection. It will be available in the early beta stage.


    CP:I is being developed on the demands of clan and league players, that is our key market we are aiming at. We thrive on that competitive market and our steering our game to fit the requirements sought after. We have 1st person spectator in-eyes, spectator slots for admins, numerous admin commands to control the game and so on.





    Video Material
    (Note: the game looks much better now. New footage will be presented soon)


    All the best
    Your Critical Point Team[/center]

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