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    Plz give me feedback as an outside source from my university (UAT). It will help me finish my Senior Innovation Project that involves an evaluating what has been done up to this point. Here is my website where the project is listed along with the start of my video tutorials that will help the evaluator understand what I am trying to do.

    Game-Asset Pipeline | Samuel Kuszynski: Game Artist & Fine Arts

    Here is the criteria in which to analyze my project and leave feedback based through.

    Hello, my name is Samuel Kuszynski, and I am majoring in Game Art and Animation at the University of Advancing Technology. I am contacting those who are versed in my field in order to get feedback on the research I have conducted. The feedback provided can help me make revisions and refinements to further improve the quality of my work. I show case a number of deliverables (e.g., workflow diagram, images of game assets, an innovation brief, a lexicon, YouTube tutorials) through the use of my newly designed website. The title and subtitle of my SIP is called the Creation Pipeline for Game Devs: The Creation of a Streamlined Game-Character, Asset-Creation Pipeline for an Intermediate-Class of Art Students. My project offers a way to design game-characters for the intermediate user based on a particular design, unlike the pipeline’s of other game artists and designers, my pipeline fits a students budget; which in turn, helps those struggling in a very difficult and ever advancing world of game design.
    It is my pleasure to ask for an evaluation of my work for the simple fact that you would be the best person for the job. Your experience, criticism, and aspects involving game art are of very high esteem. Your perspective would help me to fulfill the finalized version of my work that I have spent so much time and effort doing. This is why it is so very important to have the thoughts, and ideas that you might offer to my project through an evaluation of my work.
    After having researched the process of game design standards for evaluation criteria. It is my understanding that the focus on evaluating my work would involve how flexible and efficient it can be to the user and or student utilizing its material. I feel it shows that my innovation works for all my intermediate users, and may also work for those who are more of a beginner and or novice class user. This indicates a steady inclination of learning something new for some users. It would also be advantageous to utilize a method for understanding my project from a game design and production phase perspective (i.e., how well it fits into a production level or school based project).
    This project focuses the user’s attention toward an industry standard way for devising a game-character or asset. The project entails a number of deliverables listed above to aid the user through such a process. Because game design is not handed to use through the use of books, tutorials, and other innovations with any real ease of creating a simple game asset. I felt it was necessary to create something that would be easily accessible through the web and for those with low budgets (i.e., students of game art). Intense analysis was first taken into account as the entire project took place nearly a year ago. The core programs for the pipeline involves the use of Photoshop 4, Maya 2012, and ZBrush 4.0 or later along with a few plugins that take this pipeline further than anyone might know in their early stages of game development. Further understanding of my project can be accessed through my website at Game-Asset Pipeline | Samuel Kuszynski: Game Artist & Fine Arts
    It is important to note that not every tutorial out there is sufficient enough to completely walk the user through a set of tutorials for creating a game-character. I feel that my innovation fills that void. This project helps the user get through hours of searching for tutorials simply circumvented by using my intermediate approach. This helps the attention to detail from an outside source, so that I can feel comfortable with the evaluation process of my project.
    In conclusion, I feel that it is to my advantage to receive feedback on this project; your thoughts will help me make revisions and refinements to my core study as a student of the University of Advancing Technology. I am heavily grateful for any who feel that this project is a considerable interest for evaluation. My email and phone number can be found at the above website where the online dissemination of my work can be viewed. Thank you again for showing interest.
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