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    TwitchCon was amazing, I'm sure many of you have already read up about it in articles, Facebook, Twitter etc. Not only was Twitchcon a great experience for streamers and fans, but it was an amazing opportunity for independent video games, especially considering it was the first one.

    Just under 70 exhibitors were present, StarMade being one of them. There were quite a few big titles out there, H1Z1, Starcraft II, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Rockband 4, Guild Wars 2...

    There were also a few "indie" games on the floor as well, off in their own little corner on ground floor. (We didn't take very many pictures of other booths...)

    I arrived in San Francisco after a 12 hour and 15 minute flight from New Zealand on the 24th of September 1 PM... just in time to help setup the StarMade booth. Twitchcon provided 3 discounted hotels in the area for everyone, the Marriott Marquis being the closest, and the main hotel for Twitchcon. This was the hotel we stayed at, as well as most of the streamers :D It was the first time we had all met in person, and for most of us the first time we had met any team member IRL.

    Luckily by the time I had arrived, most of the booth was already setup and the final checks and installation was now happening :)

    We had rented a full booth, which meant we had 4 sides to showcase our game. The booth was in a rectangular shape, 2 sides were fairly long - fitting 2 monitors and keyboards on each. The other 2 sides could fit one setup each. So, we had the two long sides as 4 stations where people could play the game. The smaller 2 sides served as a live streaming station and maintenance/management area. Additionally we had a monitor positioned at the top of the 2 play stations and 1 positioned on top of the streaming station. We had all 4 stations plus the live streaming station connected to the same game server, a server we specifically setup for Twitchcon (StarMade has multiplayer functionality). This meant that people playing at our booth could interact with each other as well as interact with the live stream station.

    We had a ton of people come to our booth to play on the 4 stations we had available. We all took turns assisting those who came to the booth. Day 1 was pretty much us streaming the game and footage live at Twitchcon, as well as handing out keys and assisting people who came over to our booth. Here's a few shots of people at our booth :)

    We had a lot of fun showing our game to those at the convention, we printed 500 free keys to hand out to people who came over to our booth. Half way through day 2 we ran out of keys...

    However, the main reason why conventions like these are great for exhibitors, is the networking opportunities presented. Day 2 saw all the streamers move away from the keynotes and panels, right over to the exhibitors, and right over to us :D Quite a few streamers came over to our booth to check it out and play, I personally met some amazing individuals on day 2. The networking was phenomenal, especially if you're trying to get your game into the live streaming environment. For the past few months we've been really trying to build our streamer base, so Twitchcon was an amazing opportunity and we've already seen an increase in people streaming our game.

    Each person had a badge to get into TwitchCon, attendees, exhibitors, streamers, twitch staff, media and so on all had different badges. Attendees all had white background badges, with a simple design. For everyone else, badges had coloured backgrounds. This was incredibly useful for networking, you could easily determine which people you would want to approach. Exhibitors had green badges, Twitch partners had red badges -these were the people you really wanted to talk to, VIPs had golden, media pink and there were a few others. Upcoming streamers (not partners) were great to talk to as well, I think it's essential to get involved with the "small fish" as well. Especially if you can help them along their way, some great friendships and partnerships can be formed at events like these.

    The Exhibitor badge gets you access to the VIP lounge, this is where Twitch partners, Special Guests, media and twitch staff could hang out and network. It was a great place to relax, re-hydrate and network :)

    Streamers large and small visited us, a couple of them streamed at our streaming booth.

    This is Mangles91, an amazing person, incredibly funny and he really loved StarMade. He's a streamer (not a twitch partner yet, but I'm sure he will be soon!), for the past few days after TwitchCon, he's been streaming StarMade. Here's a few pictures of him at our streaming station.

    DasValdez and crew also came to our booth, and started to stream the game live at Twitchcon. With over 1.6 million views and 31,000 followers on Twitch, it was some nice exposure. Here's some pics of him at our streaming booth.

    You can see his stream of StarMade at Twitchcon below.

    Finally Captain_Richard hopped onto our streaming station, he's streamed StarMade before and it was a blast being with him at Twitchcon. Here's a few pics of him at our streaming station.

    I highly recommend anyone wanting to network with streamers and other exhibitors to attend Twitchcon. You didn't have to purchase a full booth like we did (at least this year), many indie games only rented one side of a booth. If you're wanting to build a streaming base for your game, this convention really is a must to attend. It's a great opportunity and for us, it was well worth all the expenses involved in setting it up and getting there.

    For anyone wanting to simply attend, it's a good opportunity to meet your favorite streamers and experience the community. Plus it's great to see and talk with some of the other indie games :)

    Overall, an amazing experience and I hope to see some of you at the next convention I attend!

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