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    Hello all, I’m witheizel and here need your advice regarding about my game that I working on to. This is first time I’m asking advice/feedback from the community.

    Introduce you my latest creation, Tune4War. The music war.




    Play as tank and try to avoid any obstacle that come from anywhere and anytime when the music start. The video will show you how the gameplay is.


    Basically all you need is to avoid or run from the upcoming obstacle by the music. The music will spawn the obstacle in order to stop you from completing the stage. Even if you completed the stage there will be no guarantee you score higher.

    In my opinion this is hardcore game, and to help the player to win this game is by using Energy bullet, or EB for short. EB is a bullet where it will negate any attack from any upcoming obstacle. But remember, every time you use it, it will deduct your life force. So be more strategic.



    Regarding the music At this moment, we don’t have any original music to put on it, so I use some of unoriginal music. Ofcourse I will put credit to the owner and additionally we will play the music only for 2 minute.. The original music from us is still under process.

    Released date

    As for the released date, honestly I don’t know what is the suitable platform for this game. the original intent was to publish on android but it didn't really go well with mobile platform. ofcourse i will not giving up on mobile platform, will review it later on...at the moment i'm planing to released on window version within this or next week for early access. The game will be updated regularly in order to improve

    Support me

    Last but not least, If you like my game and increase the chances of dramatically improvement on the game, then I would love you to join us on my patreon!. Ofcoz in return I would give you fully benefit regarding this.

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