The Mysteries of Genesis

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    Dec 7, 2016
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    The Mysteries Of Genesis (MoG) ( might change in the future ) will be a MMORPG, right now its only get built.

    Epic Fantasy World Similar to god of wars involving all the myth gods and unique creatures

    Two dimensions existed before all creation:

    The First Dimension was Light;

    The Second Dimension was Dark.

    Then the mysteries of creation happened (The Mysteries of Genesis).

    As a new universe formed, where Light and Void blended together.

    Those two energies caused caused hundreds of billions galaxies, stars and planets, and many immortal creatures to form.

    However, it is an undeniable fact that light cannot dwell with darkness.

    It all happened with the light creatures, known as the Titans, and the dark creatures, known as the Void. A great war started, with the Titans having the upper hand, but that wasn’t the case for so long- many great titans fell. In the heat of the battle, the two sides realized the both of them can coexist, but it was too late as the void had already began twisting the spirit and the mind of the fallen titans. It was inevitable for them to fight their own very brothers, however that did not change the outcome. The Titans won by sealing the Void- however the universe was being swallowed by the black holes that the Void created. In order to protect this universe and the immortal creatures, the Titans made a planet that was enough for all immortal creatures. The core of the planet is run by a special power, which made the planet invincible to black holes as they would only come close enough to only fade, being unseen by the types of eyes that the immortal creatures possess by nature.

    In a planet where both angels and demons live amongst mankind and elves, and many other races, The World of Genesis enters into an era of endless bloodshed and war. The strongest, the ones who dominated the planet the most, they were (names of races we would like player to select). They possess the highest intelligence level compared to other races, their wisdom is unquestionable, their divine strength and agility were feared, made them the most dominant races of the planet.

    Other fallen races will be given the option to select as Fallen Angels, Dark Elves, (dark magic corruption into the body twisting the mind and the spirit by the taunt and whispers of the void) etc…

    However their legacy did not end here, as many races intending to restore many different titans which they worshipped as their god/goddess, some races believed in more than one, some races didn’t believe in any, and as the war continued between these races,

    the void keep getting stronger by taunting and whispering into the immortals races, the endless wars caused the negative emotions (anger, rage, sorrow, grief…) which made it possible for the void to corrupt and twist the minds and spirits of the immortal races.

    Theme / Setting / Genre
    Action MMORPG Medieval/Fantasy Setting (Third Person Shooter)

    Targeted platforms

    What is more we need some members:

    Character Artist 1
    3D env. Artist 1
    Animator 1
    Composer 1
    Sound Engineer 1
    UI/UX Designer 1
    Concept artists 1
    Web Developer 1

    Programmers 2-3

    Ps: We are using C++ and UE4
    e-mail me at
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  3. tmog

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    Dec 7, 2016
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