(Term Sheet) Children of the Senthorin

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    Oct 29, 2016
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    Ferocity Unbound Core Studios, LLC is looking for developers to build a unique card game. This game will be published for both PCs and mobile clients. Key features are:

    • Role Combat System

    • Multiple Card Draw and Play

    • Reduces Luck and Emphasizes Skill

    The design is established to push players away from a “luck of the draw” setting that makes up the majority of the card game atmosphere and inserts a necessity to cause your team (cards) to work together towards one common goal.

    In short both players will be healing, dealing damage, debuffing and otherwise CCing opponent cards, buffing their own cards, and intercepting/mitigating damage from their opponents DPS cards. Managing an entire team of cards for a long duration match pulls the card game closer to chess than checkers and you’ll never have cards so powerful that you can’t win with superior skill.

    We are currently looking for:

    • C++ Programmers

    • Personnel to Establish and Maintain servers

    • 3D Modelers

    • 2D Concept Artists

    • Graphic Designer

    For more information check out: http://www.sacramentgame.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=855

    Message me directly or email “jdlinscott@ferocityunbound.com”
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    Dec 19, 2016
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    Hi, My name is Meti Ruka and I'm a Game and Screenplay Writer. I have been writing for almost a year, been writing couple game storys which i will show you. My favorite genres are Action/Sci-Fi which i adore them. I wana be part of the team that we can all be proud of its release. If you think i can be in your team, send me a message in my email and we can talk through if not best luck on the project.

    http://docdro.id/RMVAWmG Marines Story
    http://docdro.id/WVh2ZFj Aliens Story

    E-mail: 4kmeti@gmail.com

    Thank you.

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