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    Aug 1, 2016
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    I am a game designer. I'm looking for people to help me develop a working prototype of a sandbox pokemon-based MMO game. The game would be similar to "WAKFU MMO". It would have a tactical turn-based battle system where players would control pokemon on the battlefield. There would be also a complex eco-system where players can manipulate the flora and fauna, and even make certain pokemon go extinct. The game would have 4 nations and a political system.
    The main things players would be doing in-game would be: leveling-up their character and tamed pokemon, exploring the world, conquering new lands for the nations, fight the opposing nations, group up to do dungeons/instances, participate in the eco-system (crafting, breeding, gathering, building), and a lot more.

    We would need to make a game client with a working "tutorial zone", at least one working battle, some pokemon, and some game systems and mechanics in place. After that we would pitch the idea to Nintendo and Pokemon Company.

    I have most of the lore and game mechanics done on paper.

    I can't write more regarding the game idea as I don't want others to steal what I have done so far.
    I really think it is an interesting project, and it could be an awesome and unique MMORPG title.

    Drop me a message at k.sawejko@gmail.com if you are interested. I will also provide more insight then.


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    Okay so first of all, you seem to be motivated so good on you for that

    But that been said you present some of the biggest flaw any project can present. Am sorry to tell you that, and I will try to be as clear as possible but you must underthant those :

    1- Don't do an MMo, especially if you don't know how to code. Am actually working right now on a tactical MMO, same as Wakfu, (link here) but am a Java architect in my professional life, and even I find it pretty hard to do it while cutting the edge on many important features. MMOs are hard to do, long to do, and not for first title or little teams. Am learning that one the hard way x)

    2- You can't only be a game designer on an amateur project, and even in the professional world its a pretty rare profession. YOU MUST be able to carry a huge load of the work if you want the project to carry on. You usually have two options for that, either do the code or the 3D/2D assets, depending if its a 2D or 3D game. You can still do game design behind, but YOU CAN'T ONLY DO GAME DESING (or project management). Even the pros don't recruit amateur game designer. I have a friend who took pro level classes in game design and is now going for a unity programmer job cause he can't find any other, even in Montreal.

    3- You can't use a franchise if you don't have the rights for. It seems obvious, but you won't ever be able to publish something whit the Pokemon name, the mario name, halo or any big franchise whiout a license. And a license needs a big name and huge money. Plus right now the Pokemon market is saturated and what you are proposing is pretty much the Pokemon Go finality, but on PC and without the GPS thing. Nintendo doesn't like PC and people usually prefers new feature.

    4-The game seems to be exactly like something that already exist. As far as I can see you are simply offering Wakfu, but in the Pokemon world. Which could be kinda cool, but not original. This is far from unique enough to be worth anyone time.

    Hope it was clear enough. Don't get me wrong, I do hope you will be able to integrate the game production world, but you are starting in the wrong direction. If you have any question fell free to ask!

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