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    We are developing the Surreal Engine, an alterantive high-productivity editor for Unreal Engine focused in Game Indie. But that project showed itselft more complex that we imagined, for that it depends now on crowdfunding to be completed.

    We invite everyone who likes the idea to contribute any value, or if you have a lot of experience in Game Engine development, contact to be part of the team.

    His proposal is to be an alternative game editor to the official editor of Unreal Engine with a more agile and intuitive approach, idealized for indie and startups development.

    Its advantages are to provide a more productive tool for small and medium-sized projects, valuing the use of conventions and encapsulating the most used configurations, eliminating the more specific resources for large projects.

    Surreal is for Unreal what Sculptris is for ZBrush, software that addresses most of the development needs of small and medium-sized games, while serving both as an alternative and gateway to the development in the official editor of Unreal.

    Unreal licensing costs and other techical costs is part of project price.

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