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    I'm making a tutorial on modern OpenGL, (C++, GLEW, GLM, ASSIMP, WIN32, BLENDER).

    I plan on starting with a video series, each topic having it's own video, so you can follow in order or just take a peek at a specific topic.

    I plan on initially covering the following:

    00 -> Setting up
    --- Downloading and installing vs2015 community, creating a project, and running a program.

    01 -> Opening a Window
    --- Downloading and setting up GLEW, opening a window with the WIN32 api, MSAA, getting ogl function pointers with GLEW, and picking a openGL profile (4.4 on the tutorial).

    02 -> Handling window messages and clearing the screen
    ---WIN32 WindowProc, glClear, and SwappingBuffers.

    03 -> HLSL Shaders
    --- Loading .txt into a std::string, compiling, building and linking shaders, GLSL error handling and binding shader program.

    04 -> Textures from BMPs
    --- Loading bitmaps, putting them into ogl, and binding textures.

    05 -> From Blender, to Assimp, to Binary, to C++, to OpenGL
    --- Downloading Blender and Assimp, creating and exporting a mesh from blender into a file, using Assimp to load the file and exporting the file as a binary(separate vs2015 project), loading the binary file into the ogl project, and putting it into OpenGL.

    06 -> GLM Matrix
    --- Downloading GLM, Creating a projection and a view matrix.

    07 -> Putting it all together
    --- How to render the textured model and controlling the camera with mouse and keyboard.

    08 -> GLSL
    --- Lights

    09 -> ?

    Should I change the order?
    Have I forgotten to cover something?
    What else should I cover?

    The episodes will probably be broken into multiples so they don't last too long.
    When I learn some more about Vulkan, I plan on making a second series based on this one.

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