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    I have been a fan of space sims for decades, with the likes of Frontier/Elite, Homeworld, and S.Eng all demonstrating relevant aspects of engaging game-play; as do many others. All these different space games share the limiting factor of finite ship embodiment; the ships are either predefined designs or built from simplified solid bodies. You either have a nice looking ship that cannot be significantly altered or an arrangement of parts that falls distinctly short of the possible aesthetics.

    Given the enormous volume of space ship design art that can be found online, there does appear to be a significant number of very talented would-be designers. So my premise is that if a space sim game provided a fundamentally better design system, the sheer volume of people who desire to create great ships would have a unified platform to express those ideas as interactive working entities.

    As an experienced mechanical design engineer, I have given this problem a great deal of thought and have determined a solution based on specific geometric simplification sets. This method would allow designers to create a ship with a rational interior, an arbitrary exterior, and tie them together with integrated hard-points etc..

    The method allows for static and rotating structures to be seamlessly integrated, so spinning stations, large gravity rings, smaller onboard centrifuges etc. would all be within the intrinsic geometric solutions. It also works for pseudo spherical constructs such as micro-gravity asteroids with surface and subterranean bases.

    In fact I am confident that this method would be viable for real life space construction of the future, so it should be possible to define a logical technology basis to justify each required game component. The game could be implemented as a hard-fiction or nominated super-technologies could be allowed if they specifically enhance the game-play.

    I believe this idea is strong, unique and valuable. If it were possible for me to fully fund development then I would not hesitate to do so and would expect an extreme welcome from at least the core of artistic / modding players, if not from the wider space game community. Further I realise the game is likely to evolve to at least medium complexity and will need a lot of work from a lot of people. I can provide much of the 3D content myself and top level game system design. I will need help with 2D art, sound content, story / level / play-style design, and a lot of very clever programming (and running a business).

    There are two main aspects that appear as an immediate challenge for which I seek guidance:

    1. The game needs a team that will work for royalties or similar. How could I sell this idea to the indie development community to build momentum?

    2. The genre is flooded with games that have failed to win community favour. Does this idea seem novel enough to warrant crowd-funding?

    Please hit me with your comments and any suggestions are welcome. I really need to start by understanding the demand for this.

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