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    Hello, fellow Indie developers. I am a 16 year old Sophomore, and I have loved video games, for about 12 years now. I have recently decided to make my own Indie game. I have done very extensive research, and I know most of the myths and truths about making an Indie game, but I'm still not satisfied, and confused. I would appreciate some help. First, some background:

    I love Minecraft.

    I am still trying to put together a team of developers. So far, including myself, we have 4 people. I am trying to get a few more. So far, this is what our team roles are:

    Me- I have some knowledge of computers/programming, but I don't consider myself a developer. I'm the guy who provides the ideas. I can essentially tell you how a video game works. I also really hate Math, and I know how closely tied math and science are, to make a video game.

    One person- He has some knowledge of computer programming and technology, and knows how a video game works. He will be good help.

    Another of my friends has limited knowledge of programming, and is mostly good with HTML and setting up websites. I think he could help us advertise/promote the game.

    Finally, our 4th member has relatively extensive knowledge of computer programming and technology. He says he doesn't know enough to make an amazing game, but he knows enough to make an o.k./decent video game.

    I am a very flexible and adaptive person, and I am great at planning ahead, improvising,visualizing, and saving up/dividing money. I consider all of my friends and I to be equal in this project. So, I just think we would split the profits, equally.

    We honestly have not even started making the game yet. I am still in the planning stages, still recruiting people. Even then, we need to find time to meet with each other, or at least work together. I literally thought of this idea a few days ago, and just today started getting friends' numbers and help. I should also mention, I don't think this PC I'm using, will do very much work. It's about a decade old, I think.

    I know the way to start out, is to make several small games. So, this is our first "small game". Later, I hope to release more games, for this series. I don't want to reveal too many details, but these are my ideas:

    Our Indie game will be a Superhero/Vigilante game, aka, Action-Adventure-Stealth. It will borrow elements, from a range of games, including the Batman Arkham series, Assassin's Creed, and Dishonored, which are some of my favorite video games of all time.

    We honestly have almost no money. I know it will be challenging to make an Indie with no money, but I believe we can do it. Since we don't have a lot to work with, I don't want the game to have a story mode, or anything special. I want the entire game to be divided up into challenge maps, kind of like the Batman challenge maps. I'm hoping to put, at the bare minimum, 20 challenge maps. 10 combat, and 10 stealth. I have most of the ideas for the game down, but I am still trying to decide on what weapons/gadgets our main character will use. I will not copy and paste the Batman and Assassin's Creed combat systems. I have ideas and improvements, that will surely set my game apart.

    I want to release the game on the Playstation 4 (PSN) and PC/Mac (Steam). I have a PS4 and PS3, if you are wondering. I'm debating about releasing it on Xbox One (XBLA). I keep hearing about their attitude to Indie developers. I want to release the game for $9.99. If it performs well enough, maybe release a disc version, for $29.99. With all the content I plan for the game to have, it will be a total steal, either way.

    I realize what my team and I will have to go through to make this game successful, and make people happy. I am prepared to sacrifice a lot, to make this game. I have told myself some rules/guidelines:

    I want to release this game before 2015. But, I will delay it, if I must. I will NOT compromise on quality!

    I'm not really doing this for the money. Well, actually, that's a lie. I care about the money. But I know we most likely won't make that much. But, I would rather have thousands of fans, happy with this game, than be making thousands of dollars off of a broken, unfinished, and bad game.

    ALL dlc, patches/fixes, and updates for this game, will be COMPLETELY FREE. Unless we need money, but I will still release the dlc for dirt-cheap prices.

    Once I have my group together, and the ideas completely finished... I'm honestly not sure what I would do next.

    Please help me, and thank you for your time and advice. Comments, commentary, and constructive criticism would be helpful.

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