So i made this game called Frost (and no, it's not about snow)

Discussion in 'Indie Business' started by Southwood Games, Apr 2, 2021.

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    Hie guys and girls!!!

    So i made this game called Frost (and no, it's not about snow). Rather it's a mix of classic and modern action RPGs, inspired by games such as Max Payne, Ghost Reckon and Hitman. You play as Nick Frost, or just Frost, a Hitman/assassin/fixer/hired gun who carries out various missions or jobs that he is contracted to do by “clients” who hire him over the dark web.

    In the game you a briefing level which is also Frost’s loft, where you will receive the details of your next mission. With that info you can select the types of guns you wish to take to the mission from your Armory. Your Armory has ten guns, and three different types of explosives. You can acquire ammo and other guns during each mission.

    Tied to the weapon element, you also have stealth at your disposal. Some of your guns have silencers/sound suppressors and frost can also do stealth kills when close to an enemy. So you can choose to go in guns blazing or be the silent assassin.

    You can get the full game here:
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    Wow! This is great. By the way, is the game support offered in different languages?
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    Mar 25, 2020
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    Oh wow! Did you make that game? You are so cool, man. Btw, does your game comes with a storyline?

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