Should I continue with this IP?

Discussion in 'Indie Business' started by ionside, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Dan MacDonald

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    I think for me, I liked the production values, liked the concept and the videos, however the game play clips I saw didn't look like anything new that I hadn't played before. The IP wasn't quite enough to inspire me to play the game because the mechanics looked pretty simple and familiar. They may not be bu that was the impression I had from the gameplay videos.
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    Another upvote for the IP and a downvote for the side scrolling mechanics. The game actually subverted the IP. Watch this vid from an upcoming game called Kentucky Route Zero:

    Love the art, story, music...then the character "jumps" and it's this classic game jump animation that just pulled me right out of the world they had just set up. I still want to see what they do with all of this but I hope they smooth out things like that.

    I actually thought of Lylian when I first watched that vid. I was "this" close to contacting you about getting some voice work done for the game (I know someone who would do a perfect "Lylian", btw), and some ideas on how to use sound to reinforce and improve gameplay (there are a lot of silent actions).

    Episode one is flailing but it inspired me nonetheless. I'd love to see the IP pop up somewhere else. What's to say EP 2 HAS to be a side-scroller or have any combat at all or even named EP 2? The strait jacket is cool but she should escape it at one point and expand.
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    Oh god, that leap, Tony, dude, someone, tell that guy to fix that animation!

    Leapin' Leprechauns!
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    I think the production value and character design in particular are excellent. It'd be nice to be able to keep your IP going.

    I haven't played the demo yet, but I admit it's largely due to the fact that the gameplay in the video did not grab me as something I needed to play right away. Perhaps your trailer is not highlighting the proper "money" moments of your gameplay.

    Unfortunately I can't really help you with the publishing quandary you are in, as we are much worse off in that regard still hahaha... Endless pre-production iteration loops :( However, I think it's a good thing that the main negative you have to work with is that Lylian is simply lacking attention... It'd be a lot harder to rebuild your IP if the game had been universally panned.
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