Setting up a "Casual" steam-like results DB?

Discussion in 'Development & Distribution' started by wazoo, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Hi everyone,

    I hope this is in the right forum.

    Unless I'm really out to lunch, the only data everyone uses for basing system requirements is from the (much popular) Steam data.

    Now I'm sure everyone here immidiately points out the fact that the most likely Steam player, is a way-too-hardcore type player who probably doesn't buy the more casual downloaded games.

    In the past, I've just seen some generic type log information posted on the occasional thread on these boards, but it would be a pain to try and work with it, and there's never the "whole" picture

    I was just thinking over the weekend of starting up a process of some kind which would gather publically released data that everyone can use when making decisions.

    I'm talking really basic non-personal things like:
    -OS used
    -System RAM
    -Video Hardware and VRAM

    Unless there's a need for other data, I'm thinking that might be a good start.

    However this entails a LOT of ground work in getting this kind of data from either the portals or the product sites hosted by the developers themselves along with probably swarms of lawyers...which I confess I wouldn't look forward to. :(

    There's many downsides and hurdles to this idea, but it might be interesting to see who's interested. I might be so completely new/dim, that in fact, nobody could be interested.

    Also, if a current project of this nature already exists then there's no point in duplicating efforts.

    thanks for any comments,
  2. soniCron

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    May 4, 2005
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    You can buy user metrics and statistics from established sources, but they'll cost you some $10- $20,000. Frankly, a project this big sounds to me like a waste of time -- I think it's much easier and smarter to just aim as low as possible. Moms aren't suddenly buying games because of additive blending or pixel shaders, I can tell you that. ;)

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