Seez: Capture the Enemies Flag

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    Game Concept
    Seez is a game in which team effort, strategic thinking and skilled fighting abilities are all ingredients of victory. Players spawn in a map with nine fellow teammates. On the opposite side of the map is another team just as thirsty to win as you are. When the game starts, your mission is simple: Capture the enemies flag! You have options. You can choose to play defensively and guard your own flag, embrace your inner savage and go for high killing sprees, or be a conquerer in the eyes of everyone as you seize the enemy's flag and victoriously bring it home to your base.

    Players aren't restricted to playing as one type of hero. New heroes are constantly being added into the game to spice things up. These heroes might include swordsmen, archers, mages, dragons, and many more. The possibilities are limitless.

    Throughout the map are placed powerups. These little commodities can give you a useful advantage if used correctly. Some powerups increase your speed, while others make your hero deal more damage. Some even make you less visible to enemies. Either way, they all add an extra layer of fun to the game.

    iOS, Android

    Who We’re Looking For
    - Concept Artist
    - 3D Character Modeler
    - 3D Environmental Modeler
    - 3D Animator
    - 3D Texturing Artist

    You may apply for multiple roles; however, you must be able to complete tasks at a relatively fast pace.

    All positions require a legal copy of all used software, and that you are responsive.


    A fair percentage of revenue is divided among the team based on the amount of work put in. Percentages are to be decided as a team.

    Development Timeframe
    Likely 1-6 months.

    Game Engine

    Method of Contact
    Discord: dFeated#7064

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