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Discussion in 'Help Wanted (UNPAID AND PROFIT SHARING)' started by Preyor, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Preyor

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    Feb 11, 2017
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    Hello, world!
    (Ha, jokes)

    To start, I am a pixel artist, composer, and story author. I have been making pixel art as a hobby for roughly 3-4 years, and "professionally" for a couple months. By professionally, I mean making art for games I work on and those games just so happen to be ones that I kinda don't finish. I do, though, consider myself to be good at it. I have yet to set out on a project in which I lacked the artistic capabilities to follow through with it, in fact it has always been entirely my lack of programming knowledge that's held me back.

    As story-writing, I do not have any professional work with it, I also do not consider it to be a specialty of mine. I can do it if need be and I am fairly good at it.

    Music is and always has been a passion of mine- you can read more about that here, at my portfolio-

    So basically, I'm looking for a partner who can handle the programming side of things. Someone who I can work with professionally and passionately (Maybe even intimately ;) jk) to make our games a reality. I am very passionate and very confident that I, and whomever else I work with, will succeed in this business- and my only requirement is that you share the same feelings of passion and confidence.

    You can email me here: or message me here on the forums if you're interested and/or would like more details.

    As to keep this short and sweet (As if it were already, haha), any other details can be worked out via the methods stated above.

    Cheers, fellow dreamers, achievers, and the likes.
  2. Enduinn

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    Hi! Can you share your pixel art? We already have sound and music, but I'd like a more experienced artist's help. The current artist is doing a great job imo but he basically self taught himself during the project! Someone to manage the art/visual theme, make all the assets consistently styled, colored, and coordinated, and take it up a notch would be great!
  3. Daniel Pink

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    Apr 2, 2017
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    I think a collaboration entirely depends on what kind of projects you'd like to work on and what engines you are willing to work in. So having said that... what kind of projects would you like to work on and what engines are you willing to work in? I myself mostly only know Gamemaker: Studio but am working towards learning Unity and UE4. If you'd like to share a few examples of your artwork I'd be happy to show you my past and current projects. Also, are strictly a pixel artist or are you able to work on other kinds of 2D art and/or 3D art?

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