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    An Introduction to Search For Animera
    The Year is 2230; humans have advanced exponentially in technology and have set forth to explore a new galaxy called Nubera - one much larger galaxy and infinitely more menacing than our domestic Milky Way. With a dual-star solar system, Nubera houses a larger circumstellar habitable zone, within which there exist 5 known habitable planets, rich in minerals and ores which can help sustain and create a massively advanced future for whoever succeeds to harness these resources. Legend has it that looming deep within one of these planets is a cave which hold the secrets to possessing Animera - the secret for unlocking superhuman abilities, everlasting life, and abundant resources.

    The legend remains a myth, until one brave player finds all the keys to unlocking these mystical powers of Animera and thus, ruling supreme over Nubera and its inhabitants.


    About Search for Animera
    Search for Animera is an upcoming interplanetary conquest, exploration, and NFT-crafting MMORPG built using Unreal Engine 5 and Web3 technology, releasing on PC in Q2 2023. It presents you with a vast galaxy to explore and colonize, full of unique planets and lifeforms - navigate the challenges of building a life in space, and experience a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox, all whilst teleporting into deep space and immersing yourself in a mixture of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds.


    Explore Mode
    Explore Animera’s vast, procedurally-generated galaxy housing various planets with unpredictable climates, hazardous terrain, and deadly flora and fauna. Over time, the Nubera galaxy will develop and expand – introducing unique collectibles, dynamic challenges, and world-shattering events.

    Discover long-lost secrets, or traverse the lands to find rare crafting materials and weaponry. Collect ores, mining instruments, weapons, enhanced skins, and blueprints to craft unique, rare NFT items.

    Monetise these resources on the Animera Marketplace - both in and outside the game.

    Story Mode
    Choose your genesis character and embark on missions to uncover the secrets of the Nubera galaxy. The game utilizes a class-based system, allowing users to play using different character types - each with its unique set of skills and abilities. Forge your own path as you hunt, explore, mine, smuggle, trade, and fight to survive in the Nebura galaxy.

    Players who uncover the caves of Animera unlock new in-game abilities and skills - advanced combat moves, teleport traversal systems, cloaking, and much more - to allow you to explore and dominate the galaxy further.

    Multiplayer Mode
    Master a multi-layered, deep, tactical battlefield where extraterrestrial beings, enhanced humans, and Starships converge.

    From high speed dogfights to intense FPS warfare, battles can occur anytime, anywhere within the Nubera Galaxy. So whether you're chasing down ruthless bounties or raiding civilian cargo haulers for their rare NFTs, it'll be up to you to decide which side of the law you choose to be on.

    Dive into a dynamic player economy and seek your fortune - whether trading contraband on the blackmarket or building legitimate empires, the life of a true trader requires resourcefulness, strategy, and an entrepreneurial spirit, and perhaps most importantly, team work.

    What Lies Ahead
    As our core development team works towards a successful completion of our product build of our MMORPG, we will soon launch our Animera Genesis NFT Collection. This shall build a community of like-minded gaming enthusiasts that’ll get the unique opportunity to beta test our early releases and better shape the future of the game.

    Flying new vehicles, testing new maps and modes- all of that awaits our NFT holders and more.. To learn more about the exciting things that will be coming to Search For Animera, sign up for our newsletter at <Mailchimp link>!

    To read up on the exciting developments of Search For Animera, check us out on our socials:



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