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    Hi there, been dabbling in unity for about 3 years. First time in the forums.

    Though i've designed components of a game, i've not yet asembled a full game. That aside, I wanted to dicuss the design of a sandbox centered on pve activities that I was working on.

    For better or worse, the terms i'd initiate discussion with are survival horror sandbox mmorpg.

    Breaking this down. Survival will bring with it gathering, hunting, and crafting as basics and include settlements similar to such mechanics in a rts game to allow expansion of settlements as players put more effort into them for example.

    Horror will focus entirely on the environment and creatures native to it. Its not a horror in sense of resident evil or even silent hill. More of a predator versus prey scenerio. You will share the same space as many herbivores built to defend and carnovores designed to be frightening and intellegent to a degree.

    The sandbox will encompass a single continent with players starting at a well defended harbor. This sandbox will have seasons, changes in day cycle, and one pivitol event that will force players to band to together.

    Massive multiplayer online role playing game will encompass progression, tactics, and a community of players. In this instance, no npcs would exist and any inhabitant on the continent either wants to eat other inhabitants or the players.

    Some basic rules.
    1) Permanent death of character
    2) Player killing
    3) All creatures interact with each other and players in different ways.
    4) Periodic threats that are greater than on the island

    What do players do?

    Well, the goal is to discover different abandoned settlements and build them up in a stone age to a modern age kind of way. They will explore and gather, and craft what they can before either their character dies or the entire server is reborn due to a failed defense a yearly threat.

    Settlements will all have the equipment needed to craft, store, and prepare. The gameplay loop will Be gather/hunt -> prep materials -> craft components -> assemble items.

    Prepping materials and crafting components would have minigame properties for more fun and skill rather than watching a bar fill or failing due to rng.

    Gather and hunting will flow like a stealth game where you sneak and stalk prey or stay hidden while foraging. Any creatures killed will have to be dragged to a butcher bench or a storage box.

    Attire will focus more on blending into the environment and mild protection. Tools will focus on efficiency as usual, but will only have three combat tools. These tools would be the spear, dagger, bow and arrows, and traps.

    Spears, daggers, and arrows could then be coated to suit particular hunts. Combat with spear and dagger could be more fleshed out but in general take into account positioning and take downs. This same premise will be shared with the beasts, each having their own way to position themselves for a take down.

    Ultimately both players and creatures will aim for a takedown instant finish. However a pressuring attack can counter it and deal decent damage while also applying ailments. Evading and blocking would be available.

    Assemplying would be the typical 1 + 1 = 2 flow. Overall, different playstyles. No minigames or gimmics here.

    This is just I'd like to grow through and crunch with others.
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