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    We're currently looking for Modelers/Environmental Artists that will help us create high quality models that align to the overall vision of the game.

    Our team is built from people who are passionate about the gaming industry - this isn't just a hobby for us, it's a lifestyle. If you're serious about working on this cool project and gaining meaningful experience that will help you make it far as a game developer, this is the opportunity for you. Interested? Learn more below!

    What's the project?
    We're currently working on a top/down real-time strategy game called Cepheus Protocol.

    The player(s) will control an 8 man squad, comprised of unit types of their choosing as they explore the city of San Francisco, desperately trying to stay ahead of a rapidly evolving viral outbreak.

    Game Atmosphere
    • Dark and creepy
    • Strong use of light and darkness (shadows)
    • Units realistically detailed and designed
    • Levels based on a real-world location (San Francisco)
    • Real-world weapons
    • Real-world military and civilian vehicles
    • Some concept real-world military vehicles (Military vehicles not in service)
    • Weather effects - rain and fog
    • Day and night cycle
    Job Requirements
    • Develop wide range of highly creative character, creature and environment concept art
    • Develop rough initial sketches for the project leads to review and approve before moving onto more detailed concepts
    • Provide any real-world references, materials or inspiration for each concept developed if applicable
    • Aid in creation of marketing materials and assets
    • Attain feedback from peers and leads
    • Attain project deadlines and milestones established by project leads. be involved in meetings and maintain effective communication with team
    • Use your report channel to maintain communication with project leads for progress updates and questions
    • Maintain Zoho deadlines
    • Interact proactively with designers, programmers, and other artists
    Workflow Outline
    • The concept art lead will provide you with a concept to work on
    • The concept artist will send 1st rough draft to Creative Director, Art Director and project leads for review
    • The project leads will review the concept and send any edits required
    • The concept artist will make the required changes and send back the revisions to be approved
    • The project leads will approve the final version a new task will be assigned
    Job Skills
    • Excellent illustration skills
    • Effective communication skills
    • Ability to visualize perspective and 3-dimensional space
    • A keen interest in design, architecture, and video games
    • Ability to visually interpret other people's ideas
    • Ability to be flexible and to adapt to change when requested
    Compensation will be made to all active and contributing team members following the release of Cepheus Protocol (we plan to release on Steam among other services).

    Compensation will be calculated based on the amount of work the individual produced that made it into the final build of the game.

    Where to Apply

    Interested in joining our team? Click and follow the link to apply: https://forms.gle/CCDGLBkdCDLKYjXK9

    Want to see more of our work? Check us out on Discord, IndieDB, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


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