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    Hello, my name is Jack. I represent SymmetryGames as a Director and lead 3D Artist. Currently, due to some internal studio turbulence, SymmetryGames has decided to rebuild its team for Prevail, our latest game concept. We are currently looking for anyone who believes they may relate or be of some use to our studio.

    To get the big question out of the way, no this is not currently a paid job. We will, of course, pay all employees as soon as we obtain funding from our multiple funding methods detailed below. All employees will receive royalties post-game release and post-Kickstarter. We are specifically looking for those who take an interest in our game’s story/plot.

    Prevail: Prevail, as I stated before, is the game we are currently working on. I especially am a huge fan of 3D RPG games. We decided to create Prevail based around such games as DarkSouls and Skyrim. Prevail is set in a specialized medieval/dark age fantasy open-world. When we say RPG, we intend to include the full package. This means our game will include: Magic, Monsters, Medieval Fighting, Fantasy Weapons, Creatures, Adventures/Quests, Castles, Dragons, and more. We intend to create graphics that align with our principle of pushing the boundaries of modern game development. This means realistic graphics. Players play as a specific character, with the ability to customize certain attributes. The most important detail regarding the main character is his/her ability with pyro-magic. The main character is extremely skilled in using fire in many unique ways. This is very much incorporated into his/her fighting style. Although the player’s character is skilled in casting fire, their overall form is rough. Because of this, the player must learn to control their ability, or the consequences could be detrimental. Because the character was so powerful, society rejected him/her. At this time, the character is considered a “wanderer”. When the player begins the game, it starts with a cutscene where their character is traveling up a mountain in search of a new home/life. A few seconds later, the character drops down in the freezing cold. Luckily, an old wise man lives in the mountains right by. The old man takes the character in and gives him/her medicine. After a little lore, the character/player eventually gets his/her first quest from the old man and begins playing. The big and extremely important twist in the game’s plot becomes evident roughly half an hour into the game. Essentially, the entire world’s border is what is known as the Frost. The Frost is a giant, deadly, blizzard that slowly moves in, consuming the huge world. The Frost moves in over the period of roughly 80-150 in-game days, although, that is subject to change. (1 Game Day=24 minutes). If a player or other life form stands in the Frost or near it for more than 30 seconds roughly, they will essentially die. On top of being able to battle, upgrade, and explore the vast world, the player eventually must save the world from certain doom. The metaphorical Frost symbol was countered with the player/main character being a pyromancer. We are currently open to any ideas and additions to the storyline.

    Our funding methods: *Kickstarter/Crowdfunding (we plan to use this as our major funding source) *Unreal Engine DevGrant *IndieFund *Sell assets on game development marketplaces.

    Please note that as a team member, your opinion would mean very much in large project decisions. As a group, we will decide specifically how we will use those funding sources based on individual, and project needs.

    The following list contains the jobs we hope to fill by the end of development on Prevail. I will only give out basic details on this list. Please feel free to ask for more information. Please note that all development and communication takes place via our discord server. Also note, for each job, expect an average weekly commitment of 5-20 hours depending on each week.

    3D Lead 3D Artist: Jack.M Director and lead for all major 3D Art. Directs each 3D Artist and supports areas that need support

    Secondary 3D Artist: [needed] Similar to Lead 3D Artist. Directs the studios 3D Art dept. When Lead is not around. This person is also in charge of general asset creation.

    Lead 3D Character Artist: [needed] The Lead 3D Character Artist is in charge specifically of creating 3D realistic human creatures and fantasy creatures. The lead Character Artist should know how to model and texture game-ready 3D Characters. It will be noted if you are also able to rig those characters. (that will add towards our decision)

    Character Artist: [needed] Works directly with the Lead Character Artist creating 3D textured game-ready characters.

    Lead 3D Environment Artist: [needed] Works with 3D Environment Artist to create detailed, realistic, and rich 3D environments. The lead 3D environment Artist is recommended to have proficiency creating close-up and far our 3D environment shots using software such as Vue 3D or WorldMachine.

    3D Environment Artist: [needed] Works with Lead 3D environment artist to create detailed environments. Please note that the lead and secondary 3D Artist will contribute to asset creation for large scale environments.

    3D Lighting and Rendering Technician: [needed] Works in Unreal Engine and regular 3D to light scenes, characters, and render simple images and animations. (large scale animation sequences will be rendered in a render farm.)

    Lead 3D Animator: [needed] The lead 3D Animator is in charge of creating realistic 3D animations and blending motion capture into computable game ready animated rigs. It's highly recommended that the lead 3D animator understands how to rig 3D characters.

    3D Animator: [needed] Works with the Lead 3D Animator, blending motion capture and creating realistic 3D animations for characters and environments.

    3D Texture Artist: [needed] The 3D Texture Artist creates realistic PBR materials for Unreal Engine and other 3D software.

    2D Lead 2D Artist: [needed] In charge of creating and managing all 2D Art. This person will need to work directly with the other 2D Artists to assign the respective tasks to the respective positions.

    Lead GUI/Hud Artist: [needed] Creates 2D GUI and Player HUD assets to be used in Unreal Engine. This person is also in charge of creating icons for items in-game with the lead 2D Artist.

    Concept Artist: Stanislav

    Music Composer: Gavin.T SFX Designer: Brylon.B

    Development: Lead Unreal/C++ Developer [needed] This person is in charge of all Unreal Engine development. I will go into more detail privately with applicants for this job. Secondary Unreal/C++ Developer [needed] This person works with the lead Unreal developer in Unreal Engine, programming functions, AI, Player Controls, and everything else.

    Management: Director of Prevail: Jack.M Director of Story Production: Brylon.B Marketing Director: Ivan

    PLEASE NOTE: SymmetryGames will eventually provide software, however, in the early stages of development, we are unable to support this area. If you choose to use software that is not free, you personally must own the commercial, full version, with no additional income fees. (Cracked Software of ALL types is strictly forbidden.)

    Applying: To apply, please send an email with basic details about why you are applying, and your portfolio or any work you have done so far. Please send your email here: magdstudios@gmail.com

    Before I conclude this job posting, I want to make it clear that I may have missed some major details that people specifically would like to know. I apologize for this, please feel totally free to bring up any questions or concerns you have in your application.

    Thank you for all of your time! - Jack.M (Director/Lead 3D Artist at SymmetryGames)

    Social Media:

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/symmetrygamesco/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/symmetrygames/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SymmetryGames

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