Revelation Online PvP/Gameplay Is Great

Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Polystyrener, Feb 23, 2017.

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    I already have a lvl 45 Gunner on Revelation Online (Chinese version) and to be honest the game sounds like a bad melting pot to me... wings from AION, weapons and armors from Blade & Soul, multiverse bestiary (sometimes I felt like a mob had nothing to do in this universe because of a strange chara-design, sadly not the good strangeness).

    Revelation Online has 10 channels per server (dividing community by this number) while BLESS only only has 2 which means that the world is more alive and dynamic for BLESS thanks to everyone that you cross and play with. Also Revelation has LFR/LFG systems for PvP and PvE so you kinda have the assistanship that makes you play with anonymous players without even talking to them and massive fights are somehow lacking of visibily because of a lot of glowing, large skills effects.

    I forgot to mention that once you reach lvl 29 (in around 3 hours), you are rewarded with your first wings and then able to fly but in my opinion it is only dividing the community more than it already is but this time from ground to air. Also don't expect Open PvP to happen a lot because there is no reward from it and without interest people will just leave this activity like it is the case on Chinese servers. But the R4PG Revelation Online Gythil will striking a balance, more Gythil you have, more powerful you will, I'm afriad that this will urge Revelation Online to be a P2W game in the future.

    Despite all of that, Revelation Online is based on a home-made engine named BigBang and it is very well optimized though the MMO (mostly the massively aspect) was not truely here as a PvP player I couldn't find a place to me. Also which is going to manage Revelation in North America and Europe already made a Pay-to-Win game in 2015 with SkyForge and is a subsidiary of already known for Allods Online and a few others games with the worst MMO reputation that you can find in terms of Cash Shop content.

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