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    Tinman Studios, LLC (www.tinmanstudios.net) is looking for some new talent! This will be a Rev-Sharing project.

    We are quite a ways along in the production of this game, we really just need a well honed Unity programmer to make the game come alive, and a UI developer to make some pretty menus for us.

    For those who want to get straight to the point:
    • Using Unity engine
    • 1st Person
    • Realistic art style
    • Some running and gunning sandwiched with hiding, especially at the beginning stages
    • Some survival aspects with limited ammo and carrying capacity
    • Puzzle idea - The zombiefying gas is still leaking, we'll have a hold breath mechanic as well as areas completely filled with the stuff requiring player to constantly find oxygen (so tense!) or hold their breath as well as other places where gas will need to be shut off to make it through
    • We have a sci-fi theme mainly for the aesthetics, no laser guns etc, but looking at high-tech tools later on in the game, things like that.
    We are looking for:
    • A Seasoned Unity Programmer - We need someone who can program this from top to bottom, from char controller to zombie AI. We have another entry level programmer to help.
    More Info:
    Our goal is to build a team that continues making games together and to keep these games in a scope of 2-3 month production times. To keep this first game in that scope, we are starting in a single building.

    The main focus will be on the gas evasion by holding breath or finding oxygen as a main mechanic, besides combat with zombies. Other ideas:
    • Having different kinds of gasses effect player and zombies differently
    • Hacking minigames
    • More in-depth level design (other broken buildings collapsing into this one, requiring the player to go through another building, then back to the one they started in)
    • Multiple zombie types (we're starting with three solid zombie types, but we have more ideas)
    Where the project is at:
    • Level Design
    • Some zombo animations - Already have lot's of zombies created, this is an example vid of some of the animations and one of the models
    • We basically have everything ready to go, we just need a solid programmer to put it all together for us! And a UI designer to give us some actual menus to play with.
    • Depending on the programmer I'd see our first level of the game/demo coming out in a month or two.

    We have plenty of other ideas this is just an example of the list of ideas that we realize can be cut, if need be, to hit a proper deadline.

    And yes we have a story and a reason everything is happening, one that can be expanded upon if this game finds some traction, and things we'll be sure to allude to during gameplay of this game; that there's a whole world outside, and everyone is being affected by this, not just the player.

    If any of this peaks your interest feel free to throw us an email: info@tinmanstudios.net, visit the website: www.tinmanstudios.net or come on over to our discord server (https://discord.gg/ntMgPUD - please send a message to Pat Gamble when you get there) and we can chat further about this and maybe even other opportunities.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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