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    I am looking for a small team of 1 - 3 artists that can help me finish one of my projects.

    Platforms: Android, Steam, IOS
    Genre: Social Deduction
    Engine: Unity

    The Game - Overview:

    A Social Deduction game, with mechanics similar to other titles such as Among Us. The game is focused around a crew of
    thieves that infiltrate a modern penthouse and attempt to steal various objects while being hunted by the devil.


    1. Thief:
    • Goal: Finish all their tasks, (optional) find out the identity of the devil.
    • Attributes: Unique Tasks, Guilt Meter/Bar, Ghost Mode.
    • Tasks: At the beginning of the match, each thief is assigned a random list of tasks.
    • Guilt Bar: A meter that starts at 0 and can go all the way to 3 during a match.
    • Ghost Mode: Upon dying, a thief enters ghost mode, losing their ability to interact with alive players.
    2. Devil:
    • Goal: Kill all the thieves before they complete their tasks.
    • Attributes: Immortality, Possession, Ability to kill thieves and to hack into the penthouse security system.
    • Hacking: They can manually close and lock doors, as well as trigger emergencies.
    • Immortality: After the destruction of their mortal bodies, devils become idle and can freely roam the map, losing all their abilities.
    • Possession: While being idle, a devil can possess and take control of a thief over a period of time, as long as the thief's guilt meter is above 0.
    Gameplay Mechanics:

    1. Meetings:

    Limited events that allows players to chat freely. They can also choose to vote another player, adding 1 to their total of votes. The player with the highest total of votes will be killed.

    In case the player killed was a Devil, they will be put in idle state, and every thief that voted them will have their guilt meter decreased by one.

    On the contrary, if the killed player was a thief, every thief that voted them will have their guilt meter increased by one.

    2. Emergencies:

    Quick time events that require the thieves to complete a newly generated task. On failure to do so, the match ends and the devil(s) automatically win.

    3. Guilt:

    Every level of guilt reveals new, previously hidden, elements (i.e. writing on walls, ash falling from the sky). If a thief's guilt increases beyond level 3, they will automatically be killed.

    4. Ghost AI:

    If a player disconnects from a match before completing all their tasks, they will be automatically turned into a ghost and their tasks will be automatically completed by an AI over an approximated period of time.

    What makes it good?

    I feel like the comparison to games like Among Us will be inevitable. So everyone's question will be, "What makes this game better?". Now, I know it will never be even closely as popular as Among Us, but there will be things that make it special. It's theme, mostly, but also the rules, which punish players that have blindly trusted others. There won't be any "I think he is the devil, vote him out", because here causing the death of a fellow thief has real consequences. It makes you more guilty, it gives the devil a chance to get inside you, but most importantly, it takes you one step closer to losing.

    So each action will have to be considerate, each decision will require proof, all this, while keeping the game as simple as possible.

    How much of the project has already been completed:

    I'd say the game is about 20-25% done, referring strictly to the designing/drawing side, and 70% done programming-wise.


    I have already designed the map structure, as well as added a floor/wallpaper for every room.


    The exterior environment is made of moving, animated clouds, created using a particle emitter/system and are easily adjustable.

    I have also created a lobby, situated in a sewer, where the players will be able to gather before starting the match.
    Lobby Showcase.jpg

    The game will feature 10+ playable characters, each with their own skin and animations. I have currently designed 7 of those characters, 6 of which have a walking animation.

    diego.jpg ichiro.jpg kyle.jpg


    have created 2 tasks so far:

    Download Data from Access Panel [Bedroom]

    Open The Safe [Lab]


    Most of the UI elements are currently just placeholders.


    I have already done player movement, an FOV system, a fully functional online matchmaking with room listing, my own custom task system, a chat window, a skin/character switcher (for when in lobby).

    What I need:

    A team of 1-3 amateur/professional artists that can contribute by:

    • Designing and animating unique pixel art characters
    • Creating different environmental sprites/props, some of which animated.
    • Designing and creating UI elements.
    • Creating general concept art and wallpapers (i.e. for the game's main menu screen).
    • Optionally helping with ideas and concepts and offer constructive criticism.
    The characters are drawn on 100x80 px canvases, but some of the other assets, especially the ones used for the UI and tasks are made on a larger pixel count.

    About myself:

    I am an indie developer that has worked on successful, smaller projects in the past, but this is my first real game. I know C#, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, CSS and have extensive knowledge over Unity. I am good at coming up with smart solutions, algorithms to solve problems, math overall, and have always dreamt of running my own company.

    I am not such a good artist, and am more than willing to replace some of the assets I already made if you can come up with better ones.

    If you are interested feel free to contact me on discord, Damon#7463.


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