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    Hello, My name is Jakob and I am currently developing a First Person Shooter called Meet The Bots. Meet The Bots is a Quake and Half-Life style game, in terms of gameplay, that is currently being developed in Unity. I am in the prototyping phase as I am looking for people to join the project.

    Project Goal
    The goal of the project is to find people who are interested in making the same types of games. The plan is to create and finish this game with the main intent of creating a game studio and a following of fans. We will be learning about each other during the development of the game, learning about each other's strengths and weaknesses.

    What I'm Looking For
    I'm looking for anyone that has some experience with making games, as a hobby or a profession. There is some criteria with some positions that I am looking for which I'll quickly list below

    Programmer: Needs to know C#
    3D Artist: Knows how to export to FBX
    Narrative Copywriter: Can fully outline a story along with any side stories
    Composer: Can create music that not only fits the game's atmosphere and gameplay, but is able to create music that can be listened to by it self. Project's Music Briefing link

    Everyone is required to have some type of portfolio or demo that I can view. So when applying to join, please include it. Also be prepared for a small interview if I get back to you. Also, make sure you are able to use Discord, since it is the main form of communication

    Contact and Links
    I have two main ways for you to contact me, but I prefer Discord over email

    Email: peckjakob54@gmail.com
    Discord: Jakboob#0815

    I have a Github repository for the project, so you can see what I have worked on so far: https://github.com/Zanderless/Meet-The-Bots
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