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    Hi Guys, this is Ground Breaking Games and we are currently looking for a General Game Designer/Director who have an interest and a great passion in making decent 3D TPS game. Whether you're a professional or not doesn't matter if you're dedicated to your job and have enough time! You can check out the basic concept of our game here: Groundbreakinggames.net
    (Information in above link is outdated so we're going to explain the updated design of the game on the later conversation)

    General Requirements:
    - Great passion for playing and making the game
    - Responsibility of your job
    - Dedicated time for our project

    Character Concept Artist Requirements:
    - Experiences in directing multiplayer shooting games
    - Ability to design story lines and general game systems (including balancing)
    - Ability to systemically organize ideas and concepts of the game
    - Basic understanding of game development workflow
    - Basic Skill in Microsoft Excel and Word.
    - Responsibility of your job


    "Havinig experiences in directing games" does not mean you should be proficient in directing/design games. Rather, it does mean you have to be aware of basic game dev workflow and how to design games.

    Our team consists of 7 members: 2 programmers, 2 3D modelers (for characters and structures/architectures respectively), a 2D Character Concept Artist, a 3D animator, an environmental artist (who's in charge of level design as well) and because we are not experts, we all are also learning lots of things from developing the game SO DON'T BE BURDENED TO APPLY! (It's totally fine even if you are a hobbyist)

    To Apply

    Please apply to us on our website (https://www.groundbreakinggames.net/en/secure/apply/)

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