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    Hey, I'm currently working on a social deduction online indie game, with a perspective similar to the one Among Us has. The project is almost halfway done, the estimated time until completion is about 2-3 months (with testing sessions along the way).

    The game takes place in a fancy modern penthouse. The players are thieves that need to complete certain tasks in order to escape, and the devil, which needs to kill all the thieves to win. It is not an Among Us ripoff, as the rules and mechanics work pretty differently (for instance, the devil can possess thieves that have a certain level of guilt after being voted out). The game doesn't use the traditional idea of hell or devil, but is instead inspired by the base concept of the TV show Lucifer, in which humans are put in infinite hell-loops if they feel quilt after dying, and they are tormented by demons disguised as persons that simulate hurtful key moments from their lives, making them relieve their guilt. This is what the matches are: hell-loops the player must escape by maintaining their guilt level low (it is simpler than it sounds).

    I already have 2 artists working on the game's map, and I am in need of a third artist to help with animating the characters. I am more than willing to make a legal rev-share contract for anyone interested.

    As for the job, the character animations need to follow a certain criteria, and use a very specific perspective, their top being oriented towards the camera while their legs are oriented sideways (similar to Among Us). I can provide many examples and references, as I have already created 5 characters, all with a walking animation (the goal is 11 characters, each with a walking and dying animation).

    Note that the characters are pretty detailed, with fluid clothes and hair, and their own unique walking styles. Each frame is drawn on a 80x110px canvas.

    I do not necessarily need someone to design the actual characters, as I can do it myself, but only to animate them, and occasionally clean them up a bit.

    Here are two of the existing characters, with their walking cycles:



    If you're interested, contact me on discord: Damon#7463, or by email: pvdoriginal2019@gmail.com
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