Requesting people to help out on a planned game!

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    Hello, people. To the point, we will all make the even amount of money depending how the game goes. Ok, so what I am looking for, well, hoping for:

    - 3D Artist (logo, icon, ect. purposes)

    - Graphic Designer (Please be able to make stuff from weapons to people and buildings, you're very important in the design portion).

    - Java Developers (We will code this from scratch, I will also code along side you. You can use any version of it but please use Eclipse and have the Saros plugin installed. Saros is real-time collaboration for eclipse. This may seem challenging but once you get swinging, it gets easy. The only problem with Saros is that it won't let you compile it as the viewer so I'll have my computer on a livestream via so you can see too).

    - Storyboard writers

    - Composers

    - Possibily voice actors? It's fine if we can't get any.

    Continuing, let me explain what I am thinking.

    ~"The common theme of this game is PvP, so of course that will get the most work. I want to make this 3D, I am ready for all the math I will face so do not worry too much. Anyways, I figured with my plan, it will be stressful just trying to do everything myself."

    Name: Biocry

    Introduction Lore in thought: 19 year old Jake Exheart is an novice swordsman in the army called Biocry. Biocry is an advanced army known for a flawless reputation in the tournament known as Rebellion. In this tournament, it's a kill-or-be-killed type of tournament where you will die if you lose. Only the top swordsmen of Biocry can enter this tournament. Jake once tried to enter this tournament only to be stabbed in the arm by the head of the army, Gina Phobia. Thinking he has lost it all, he noticed that briefly after being stabbed, he no longer has a wound on his arm. After this discoverery, he works his way to the top with the all new magic he had somehow received. He thought it was just the power of healing, but later he figures out it's more than that.

    Anyways, that's the basic background lore I thought of. It can be changed if you guys want me too.

    If you're at all interested in being apart of this what I am assuming poorly planned and none funding project.. please contact my discord and we can talk. I'm not really looking for "only professionals" but not "just noobs". If you have some skills, I'll let you try it out!

    Discord: Zanctarian#3737

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