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    Jun 28, 2016
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    Team Members with any of These Skills Are Needed

    The Key areas I need members to be experienced with are:

    It is very important no only to be able to be skilled at your tasks, but also be able to talk about them in detail as to what you are doing and will your part of the project be finished at launch. This is how we can come together as a team and have a group huddle to discuss where things are, where they are going and how long realistically it will take to achieve our discussed goals. If you aren't able to communicate effectively what it is that you do with simplicity and ease, then how can you as a team member be trusted as a professional in the work place or even as a display of your character with integrity.

    Storyboarding and Process Planning
    In any type of production coming up with a good story line is the the first and foremost important thing a team can do. Second is Process planning, as an individual needs to be able to show their process from start to finish no matter what their focus area of expertise is. A good professional should always keep a copy of their creative journey on hand with anyone of their projects.

    Conceptual Art

    Although I have skills in the illustration and concept design department it is always great to have a fresh new set of eyes and access to new art styles to feed off of to help to make the art that much better . I find that differences of opinion between fellow artists that manage to come together in agreement can have the best outcomes for production

    3D modeling
    I would love it if someone else can also handle modeling game environments, characters, props, etc in 3DS Max . If their is another program you use please specify what that software is and we can discuss how it works and if it can be implemented into our workflow.

    3D and 2D animation
    3D is becoming a must have when it comes to advertising and game cut scenes, but it is still new and does not work with every game' s art flow and style. This is where 2D-animation comes in as there will be a need for it in some 2D and 2.5D platform game styles. 2D animation is also important when making games for mobile platforms as it is easier for mobile chip-sets to process faster.

    I plan to have all my content accessible on all platforms so it is a must that I have someone that knows about programming, designing, and networking for mobile smart devices.

    Coding Programming I
    it is imperative that an individual on the team have knowledge of C++ or C Sharp for game programming. Learning JavaScript can help greatly when coding to understand other forms or strings of code. If you are a fast learner of languages I will take this into consideration as well.

    Coding Programming II
    This form of coding is crucial as games seem to be inside of clouds and so I feel that everything will eventually move into some type of web platform or cloud based streaming, uploading, and storage of content for gaming, media, and business operative systems. This is why I need someone that is proficient in coding in HTML5 and different types of web coding, CMS alterations, and a love for learning different plugins and add-ons for the web including APK creation and management.

    Tech Support IT
    It would be great to have someone on board that has this important and unique set of skills. Computers and servers going down and software crashing goes along with any company or business. This is why it is a necessity to have an IT individual on stand-by at all times so when all goes wrong we are ready to face the hardware issues head on.

    The Development Team Dream
    The name of the Dev team/company is already decided and in process of being patented.
    The dream is to build a team of a select few highly trained individuals that can become close enough to get along with and work as a well oiled machine without the need to hire a large mass of employees to get things done and done right.

    My dream team will be able to produce games that focus on intriguing stories first and the user experience second. During the whole process of planning and production, recruited members need to keep in mind the whole time that the games we make will be cross-platform. Every title produced will have touch and controller support with the same gaming experience you get with console gaming you will also get on a
    high-end tablet and smartphone. The goal is to create games that are different from the rest with unique storylines and new revolutionary combat systems that are nothing like what is already on the market.
    I would also like to recreate old classic games and recreate them to have beautiful graphics and be played on IOS and android based systems so they can still be re-imagined and enjoyed from anywhere without having any type of copyright violations.

    A Little About Me

    I am graduating shortly getting my degree in applied sciences and I have knowledge in all Adobe suite products & knowledge in 3DS MAX & Blender. I also use both Unity and Unreal game engines, while still deciding which is the better choice. I can do website coding and some multi-language computer programming.

    I am a "Jill" of all trades, but although I have skills good enough to create an entire game by myself lets face it one sole individual cannot do it all by themselves. I am looking for a select few, yet highly skilled individuals to recruit as a team to work with collaboratively on game projects.
    I would prefer individuals that are skilled in more than one set of skills , so it will help to further narrow down my small team of skilled people. If a recruit is highly skilled in one particular area it would have to fit into what I am looking for. If someone is that good at what they do who am I not to try them out.

    If anyone would like to see my credentials/ resume portfolio these are available on request as to have insight as to whom you will be working with.
  2. WaveRider

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    Aug 23, 2005
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    Sign me up.
  3. FernandoCM

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    I could help on graphic design, marketing and concept art. Add me up If you think I could be of any assistance.

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