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    New Piskel (1).gif Hello there, everyone!
    My name is Thomas, living in Europe, and I’m trying to put together a team to make a game.
    The game: It’s called Dust Runners, and it’s a post-apocalyptic roguelike survival scavenging 2D Pixel-Art game with turn-based and J-RPG mechanics in an original setting and story revolving around an apocalyptic dark-humored future, heavily inspired by the games Neo Scavenger and Sheltered.The game incorporates a lot a classic game mechanics like turn based combat, crafting and so on. However, the style and minimal art allows time for a lot of content, which I intend to implement.
    Me: I have little to no relevant skills regarding computer science. However I have designed almost every aspect of the game and can greatly guide devs. I have put together a serious GDD, have drawing and animations of concepts, as well as detailed sketches of the interfaces and what the game would look like. I am currently putting together a library of the items and quests. As of right now, the concept of the game is pretty complete, and I am getting things done one the fundraising side and I recently paid for related services. I think that from there, we should take the direction of a mockup demo or a trailer, or working parts of the game (Code for the map, fighting system, etc.)
    Timeline: Depending on the number of the people on the team, the mockup, trailer or demo should take anywhere from not being made to six months.
    The team: I’m looking for programmers familiar with 2D hexmaps and tilemaps and the mechanics associated with the genres mentioned above. I need Pixel Artists for animations, sprites, icons, items, equipment, tiles, UI and the Places art. I could also use the services of a community manager or someone who knows these things and anybody with legal and business knowledge to handle the partners and publicity. I already have some friends and a newly encountered freelance french unity dev who just joined me.
    Dough: I was just repatriated from China where I was living and working for health issues. I am currently recovering and am not working. However I am due to get a job soon near my home, after my final intervention on the 10/28. I am also getting unemployed benefits, and have virtually no expanses here, so I have some cash to pay you.However, the ideal for me and I believe, you, in the long term, is a system of shares in the profit-to-be on sales, and to form long-lasting profesional and amical relations with the team members. Any variation of these two systems and more are negotiable and debatable.One note on the shares though, I intend to take a half-share, compared to a full share for any other “pro” working on the project. (So if we are three, I’d get 20% and the two collaborators 40% each and so on).
    Prospects: Like I said, the game is heavily influenced by two other games, Neo Scavenger and Sheltered. Together, those games have sold from 300.000 to 700.000 copies, at $15 each minus Steam’s cut which I believe to be $2.5. I believe we can do just as well if not much better, as those games have some flaws or lackings that I think we could cover.

    I can’t wait to hear from you! Please help me make this dream a reality!Thomas.PS: you can PM me for a discord or email

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