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Discussion in 'Feedback Requests' started by moarvespenegas, Jan 9, 2020.

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    Jan 9, 2020
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    Hello, I'm a new developer and have been working on this 2D Zero-G Action Platformer for the past while. Now I have a working demo of the first section and I am looking for feedback. Please try it and let me know if there are things in the game you would like to see changed or if you find any bugs.
    You can download the game here
    If you have a feedback please leave a comment here or on itch.

    On the main screen there is input in the bottom left corner to manually set what the current highest level achieved is. Use it if you would like to skip ahead to see further levels.
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    Apr 14, 2020
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    I really like the intro and how everything looks. Racing in a spaceship is also fun. :)
    Just few notes:
    1) The spaceship needs brakes. ;D It is quite regular for a spaceship to have frontal thrusters - even if only at the power level of the current rotation thrusters. I know it would lower the difficulty, but you can just raise the damage from collisions a lil bit (possibly more for high speeds) to compensate for that. I also got strangely stuck inside the exit-hangar's hangars doors (from the inside, but not inside enough to progress to the next level) after I entered spinning, and the corner was so that it took several seconds to free myself even with the rotation thrusters (almost cost me my life! .)) - would not be a problem with even just a minimal reverse.
    2) The broken radar does not need to be that huge, it is actually pretty distracting - I'd rather see more of the map's graphics. .)
    3) The "press space to stop spinning" warning should stop showing up after the few first levels, after that it's just distracting (what if I want to spin? .)).

    I actually did not have the patience to finish it, maybe because spaceship without guns just does not cut it for me. ;D (Although it was fun even without shooting, especially starting with the level where you need to go down fast to get oxygen (pretty soon in the game) - so maybe with those frontal thrusters... .)).
    But it's good!

    Good luck with it. :)

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