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    Hello! I am the leader of a small team of developers and I am looking for an experienced Javascript programmer who is familiar with RPG Maker MV. We are making a short, 1 hour long game for the IGMC 2017 game maker contest. There are cash prizes and after the contest we will release the game on steam (and any other platform) for 2.99.

    Game Synopsis: You play as a cat who is a boxer. You go on a journey from being a washed up cat to being a professional boxer. There is love, loss, betrayal, friendship, redemption, rebirth, heroism and hareballs. You get it.

    What I need: I need someone to create the combat system, and character sheet. It will all be very simple.

    Combat System:
    The Combat System will be very similar to the mecha battles from Chroma Squad.
    During your turn you may attack as many times as you like. Each time it multiplies the damage you do, but if you miss you lose it all.
    On your turn you must take the punches, but you get a chance to time it to reduce the amount of damage done.
    Simple stuff look it up.

    Character Sheet. The Character Sheet is very simple and streamlined. You have 3 attributes Punch, Stamina, and Chin.

    And then you have your punches: Jab, Straight, Hook, Uppercut, Haymaker. You will develope these stats and skills as the game progresses. Between fights you are given a small number of points to increase your punches and your stats.

    These are the tasks that are needed. I do not need any help with the narrative progression that gets you through the story, art, music. We have a complete team all we need is someone who can bridge the gap between us and a fresh character/combat system.

    My offer is this. Make my working Combat and Character Sheet System and help with any small programming needs the project will have.

    My offer: 20% of any cash prize won, and 20% of any profits made from the game thereafter.

    The Contest has already started and work has already begun. We only have until November 5th so you MUST JOIN UP QUICKLY!
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