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    My name is Eran CEO at an innovative online gaming platform.
    I am write here because I want to offer you unique way to get thousands of players to your games for free. (We will pay for promoting your games)

    How its done?
    1. Join as Game Owner into the gaming platform.

    2. Add your games and banners to the platform. (We support Web, Android, IOS and Windows Games)

    3. You will contact all your not active players that did not played in your game for the 6 months or more and invite them to play in your game using your referrer link.

    4. Every player that will join from your referrer link will get automatically $1 in the account for playing in your game for minimum 5 minutes + $0.5 for filling game review.

    5. The player will have also option to earn extra money by inviting friends to play in your game. (We offer $0.5 for first 3 players that will join and will play in your game for at least 2 days)

    6. Extra bonus for you is that you will get extra 25 free banners clicks for every new player that join to the platform and plays for at least 48 hours.

    7. iPlayuPay gaming platform is your way to promote your game for thousands of players worldwide.

    Why we are doing this?
    We find the best way to promote a game is by word to mouth.
    Make your players work for you :)
    Using in our platform will help us to increase our users base and we believe that after you will see the results you will become our client for long term.

    Who will pay for this campaign?
    We will pay the first $3 for every player you will send to the platform.
    $1 For playing in your game for minimum 5 minutes.
    $0.5 for filling game review.
    $0.5 X 3 for every player that join your game and play for at least 2 days.
    * Only players that join from your referral link can see your promoted campaign in our system that we pay for playing in your game. Players that come from other referral links will not see it.

    What you will get?
    1. Players will come back to play in your game.
    2. You can get thousands of game reviews.
    3. Every player will have encouragement to invite friends & family to your game and teach them how to play.
    4. Very low bounce rate and new activity in your game.
    5. You will get new players from your banners.
    6. We sending this promotion to other gaming companies.
    7. Everything is automatic and everyone can track everything.

    Please join us and help us to help you grow.
    Gaming Platform:

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