Project Redemption (Need Coders, Musicians, and More)

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    Project Redemption (Temporary Name)


    Updated Visuals+Rambling

    What is Project Redemption?
    What is The Project? The game is about a woman who was put into a coma and needs to get back to her child. She travels through a dream like land where she is tested. Meanwhile, she is shown glimpses of her past. She is shown rather disturbing things about herself.
    Job listings (Most important-least important):
    Coders (priority)
    Sound Designers (priority)
    Musicians (priority)
    Texture Artists
    Concept Artists
    Map designers

    Okay? Cool story, but what's the gameplay like?
    The gameplay is a puzzle speed runner platformer (Huh?). You have to jump from surface to surface, and you are sometimes tested with puzzles. Most of the puzzles will be physics based.

    Will I be paid?
    If it happens to make money, yes. Do not expect to get paid in advance. This is for people who want experience, and a great portfolio builder. After the game is finished, it will be put on Steam green light and other mass distributors.

    Why haven't you named it properly?

    I want the name to be based off of the finished product. It should be relevant to how the game feels.

    What's the budget?
    0$. I refuse to spend money on assets. We do not mind using free shader assets however. I am a 3D modeler and prefer to make assets myself.

    I don't think I have the experience...
    You probably can help more than you think, but we am looking for people who know what they are doing. We are not looking for people who plugin hundreds of premade assets and premade code then call it a game.

    What are the requirements?
    As I said before, experience in unity. We do not require a portfolio, but we will prioritize those with them.

    Can I see your portfolio?
    Yes! Fill free to check out my website!

    Where do I sign up?
    Please send your portfolios to

    Thank you for reading! I enjoy working with you all.
    -Elliot Borge (3D modeler and Project Director)

    Screenshots and Progress:

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