Programmers and Artists needed for Halo Fan Game (Unpaid)

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    Coral is a Halo Fan Game that brings classic Halo gameplay to PC. It will include an all-new Campaign about an outer colony called Coral and the Spartan-3 fireteam you play as, the Firefight mode will be reminiscent of Halo 3 ODST and Halo: Reach’s firefight mode, and Flood, which is a firefight and Call of Duty Zombies inspired endless horde mode. The game will enter alpha stage once the firefight mode is playable and stable enough.

    Our team is full of passionate Halo fans from many different backgrounds, and we would like you to join us. We use Discord for all of our communication, so if you haven’t created an account already, you can create one at Here are the most needed positions:

    //Programmer (Engine/Mechanics)

    We desperately need programmers that can work in the Unity Engine (C#) to develop the sandbox (such as the weapons, grenades, melee, vehicles, etc.) and different elements like the UI backend. We also need somebody who can work on creating a server backend for stat tracking, scoreboards, and online multiplayer.

    //Concept Artist (Scenery and/or objects)
    We need 2D artists for weapons, vehicles, and other props, as well as for landscapes and scenery, to give the environment artists a guide to building levels, as well as giving a guide for 3D artists to create assets. We don’t have a set program that is required, so feel free to use the program of your choice. If you do art on paper, a scanner is required.

    //Weapon/Vehicle 3D Artist
    We need 3D artists that are capable of creating vehicles and weapons in the classic Halo art style. You would be working with our 2D artists and the department leads to create the assets, and the use of Maya, 3DS Max, or Blender is preferred.

    We could benefit from a few more animators on many different aspects, such as first person, cutscenes, and enemies. We will have a variety of enemies that would require their own walk cycle, firing, etc, so demand is high. Blender or Maya is preferred.

    //VFX Artist

    VFX Artists would be creating different effects for various different aspects of the game, such as weapon smoke/muzzle flash, various beams/projectiles, and other various environmental effects. As long as the effects can be imported into/made in Unity, you are free to use your own workflow.

    If you would like to contact us to join the team or for more info, contact @JeBobs#2735 or @ChickenPhobia#7023 on Discord, or feel free to email us at

    Thank you for taking a look at our ad!
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